Microsoft Launches New Sleek, Quiet Xbox 360

Maybe you don't like the look of the Xbox One or the PS4, you don't want a Wii U and your PC is already up to date - what's a gamer to spend their hard earned money on? Microsoft's got another option up its sleeve: a new Xbox 360!

This isn't the Xbox 360 of 2005 though, or the revised arcade edition, or the new "pro" version, nor any of the revised versions of GPUs and cooling setups we've seen to date. This is an entirely new Xbox 360, and according to Microsoft it'll be "smaller, sleeker and quieter then ever."

We've got a picture of it, though of course you've seen that already since you clicked it to get here. So what else do we know?

Unfortunately, not much. Microsoft has yet to reveal pricing information, or hard drive size, but we can see that the design mimics that of the Xbox One, with its stack friendly shape and split material front panel design. It also looks likely to come bundled with Kinect.

I'm going to take a guess that the internal hardware has gone through a die shrink, dropping a few nanometres off its size and helping to reduce the thermal footprint and power draws. Cooling might even be able to switch to passive if Microsoft have managed to cool it down enough - that would certainly calm down the decibel output; though the worst culprit was always the high spin DVD drive.

What do you guys think of this news? If you don't have an Xbox 360, does this tempt you?

Image Source: Kotaku

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as i will enjoy my PC and graphics that console WILL NEVER TOP !! oh and guess what? My PC has ALWAYS been a all-in-one. I didn't have to buy 3 different consoles and wait years for the same


There's just something about the look of a person in a dark room, hunched over a computer monitor wide-eyed, desperately clicking the mouse and hitting sweaty keyboard keys in a contorted fashion, all the while slowly developing carpel tunnel syndrome and increases the prescription of his already thick glasses, that I just find unappealing. Of course I'm exaggerating :) but you get the point: playing comfortably on a couch just seems so much more natural to me, personally.


I find a zit faced geek munching on Cheetos & mashing Cheetos covered controller buttons a bit disgusting & sad. Where did you get the grossly mis/uninformed (to the point of idiocy) idea that a PC user is hunched over a monitor & not laying on a bigger, nicer couch than you are? Personally, shooters just don't work with a controller. Not the way a shooter is supposed to be played. Desperately clicking a mouse? Try running against someone on a mouse with your little Cheetos controller & see who becomes the desperate one, bitch.

Visually and presentation

Visually and presentation wise, even the ps3 beat pc on that one. Not because its faster, but because of the time spent working on games dedicated to specific hardware, I have yet to see a game like god of war 3 and Ascension on pc, and it probably wont happen cause all the good devs are making games on consoles and if you are lucky port them over to PC. Sure they could pull it off, but why? The money is in console gaming right now.


I actually went away from PC and towards PS3. seems when a game is optimized for 1 set of hardware it's amazing. If it's a multi-platform game, for sure it will look best on pc, but if it's optimized for 1 console, it looks pretty good. Notice when console games are available on PC the requirements are so much higher then the console itself. Console only has 512mb, but its dedicated to the game, no windows, etc. running in the backgroud, which also helps I think.


Seems when a game is optimized for a shitty console, it's still a shitty console game on a shitty console & the PC always wins. You don't notice because you game at 720p from 15 feet away & sadly most games are console ports. Times are changing & consoles are dying. This always connected bullshit will only speed up the process. WTF are you talking about comparing a console exclusive to the non-existent version on the PC? It's "amazing" because it's one of those titles that's supposed to be so good that it makes dummy weenies like you buy the console. Might wanna pull your heads out your asses for a bit guys so you don't keep going around saying things like "the PS3 beats the PC graphically because the games exclusive to the PS3 have better graphics than the non-existent PC counterparts that we can't compare to."

Who needs God of War 3 or

Who needs God of War 3 or Ascension honestly? If the game is on console and it's exclusive, it means its genre has suffered a level of retardness enough to put its whole gameplay in a gamepad. Games for the fingers I call them, for the mentally challenged.

So after watching the Sony

So after watching the Sony conference, Xbox1 now needs to ditch always online, support used games and allow used game across all xbox1 consoles, and also have a lower end system that will cost 399. If they don't do any of this there gonna have it worse than the ps3 when it started. XBone also needs some new IP exclusives. Lets wait an see. PS4 already wins the design competition.

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