Microsoft Might Have Donated To PlayStation 3 Hacker

A few days ago, George Hotz, the hacker famous for creating the first working PlayStation 3 crack, asked for donations to help cover the fees needed to hire a first class team of attorneys to help him win his legal battle against Sony. Two days later, he announced that he has reached his donations goal of $10,000 for the first round.

Today, Everything HQ website quoted "sources close to the matter" who claimed that the donations target was reached in such a short period only due to a hefty donation made by Microsoft.

Needless to say, this news haven't been confirmed by Microsoft nor by George Hotz himself.

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Is it...

A good hacker also knows its impossible to do so when doing high profile hacking unless you have big people covering your ass (i.e. China denying that they know anything about hacking attacks against the US).

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lol shut up xbox fanboyz

shut up defending the big companys they make millons and billons and wot do they give u apart from crap outdated hardware all the companys do this its called compation and it will never stop
sony does it nintendo does it and microsoft does it
leave megagames alone they report news thats what they do


So if a company makes millions or billions what do they become?
You sincerely need a crash course in English grammar and discourse, as you obviously don’t know how to establish a sentence.


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No, are you?

Oh snap, you mean it's all over the internet? man, then it's gotta be 100% true!!! Works for Microsoft? Hardly, he was more likely offered by them to work on a few projects but that's the extent of it so far, and no information has been publicly released or confirmed. So with that said, everyone should be cautious about what Google says or else some of us might end up like a retard such as yourself :)

You're naive. This article

You're naive. This article was never stated as FACTS. And yes this IS how news works. Rumors, trash-talk, propaganda, it's all news by todays standards. As long as rumors aren't stated as fact it's news. Unfortunately there are those (FOX) who gladly report rumors as facts. Understand it or be controlled by it.

This is news because you (and

This is news because you (and FOX) say so?
Great counter argument.
"I win, because I say so!"

I think posts like that, and almost all the other posts here on this site are a very strong support to remove anonymous posting rights.
The derp factor is far too high.

I doubt it.

It was cause of the followers, I myself donated $10 to his cause. I doubt Microsoft donated anything. If Megagames has to start making up news, there getting desperate I take it.


This microsoft finger pointing is so inconclusive that this article could be about nintendo, apple, whatever other company...

I could add that microsoft makes the world spin but i don't have proof.

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