Microsoft Pays Gamers To Trade In PS3 For Xbox One

Microsoft is targeting Sony fans with a new promotion whereby used PlayStation 3 consoles can be traded for $100 towards the purchase of an Xbox One.

"Visit your store, let us recycle your PS3, and get $100 of store credit towards the purchase of a new Xbox One," the company announced.

The promotion is valid only at brick-and-mortar Microsoft stores in USA and Canada. Traded-in PlayStation 3's must be complete, fully functional, and not password protected. The promotion runs through the end of February or while supplies last.

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erm ps has always outsold ms

erm ps has always outsold ms xbox consoles in the end , after ps4 outsells shitbox one , so ms pays 100 dollars because ps is outselling there *******consoles, so there are worried, bribing people is lame, must need the money to be desperate as this.


Let's see... XBox one cost 499 while PS4 cost 399. Trade PS3 for XB1 for the price of 399 and have one console to play with OR buy PS4 for 399 and still have PS3 to play older games. I'll take the second options. Thank you.

Blown Away

Genius idea, that's very clever marketing! And very generous too, I mean the PS3 can't possibly be worth $100 now, especially used. We're so fortunate to have companies like this, this day and age. With what all the other companies trying to scheme or rip you off and just worried about how much money they can get out of your pocket. This shows real class.

totally agree... death to

totally agree... death to micro Nazi! trying to sell us disks we could not sell to any one! trying to sell us machines that stream game of the net to your rental device! i know even Sony part that but.. still!!

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