Microsoft Registers Microsoft-Sony Domain Name

We know absolutely nothing about the reason, but we have confirmed that Microsoft has registered the domain names "" and ""

To be more precise, the domains are registered by the "Microsoft Corporation Domain Administrator" via "Corporate Domains, Inc," exactly like all other 45,000 domains owned by Microsoft.

With no more clues or rumors we can resort only to guessing; and our guess is that Sony might be collaborating with Microsoft to start a line of smartphones running Windows Phone 7. It is also possible that the two companies are collaborating on a new gaming console or on some boring system for corporate use.

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sony does make microchips

sony is among the top semiconductor makers and your an idiot to stick up for microsoft. unless your an employee. if you know anything at all about linux and windows performance. you would not be on the microsuck dick, and i write how i feel. so instead of starting an argument about my punctuation prove to me why windows is a better os cause you seem to think you know why. dick bag! punctuate that. bitch!!! oh and btw
it is a proven fact that most companys are already moving away from the windows platform and going with opensource os's like android and ubuntu ,and when i wrote my first statement it was an opinion based on facts but an opinion none the less so relax before you start calling people names and nerd raging over shit you oviously dont know shit about .you might hava good grammar skills but i know more shit then you asshole
maybe you might wana go do some research aside from wiki before you run your mouth and try to degrade other people i get that your an xbox fan boy but like i said windows days are numbered every device and tablet coming out runs on android well any good ones games are fast and require less shit to run in the back ground the hardware code is easier to read because its real time istead of emulated and well ill let you research the rest bitch

just to add

when i first stated my opinion it did come off some what bias but not derogatory at all i did say microsuck but aside from that i didnt say anything derogatory twards microsoft ohh yeah i did say they make shitie oses but thats common knowledge so really what are you doing ? what are you saying? the none computer iliterate prefer firefox or chrome\to ie#what ever its on .the cellphone literate prefer android to windows ce\and people who know how to use linux prefer it to windows ,its a lack of education and support that has kept linux based pcs from main streaming ,how ever the android ui makes using linux so simple that you yes you can probably use it as well at a cheaper price and better support game makers love it and any idiot can make an app {nightly builds are great for testing new features} wich windows doesnt have trust me android will take over the market multy console and thats what microsuck is trying to do. so i guess i just explained myself in a nutshell you owe me for the lesson dont say anything else just feel enlightened

i know my spelling And punctuation suck but im typing very fast and can give a fuck how you feel about it you can understand what im saying and thats good enough for me


The only thing keeping Linux from being the MS contender is peoples inability to think and adapt, because of this spoiled generation of people. They only think along the lines of embedded technology, technology that is actually taking away peoples personal rights. Cloud is the worse form of computing in existence, here we have an exposed technology linked and communicating personal details with the world. Where is the security? Where is your personal data? Technology will eventually become a rust belt because there won't anyone around to maintain it. The same thing capable of creating jobs is the same thing responsible for spoiling how we interface with a tool.

who knows

lol i think microsoft might just be serving as the os for the new sony sistem and scraping the 720 merging and going back to what they do best make shitie oses lol android is taking over the market as a powerhouse on tablets and it runs sweet on desktops and netbooks that are compatible so microsuck have to do something drastic to corner the market and seeing how sony has the means of creating most hardware tv\radio\phone\game sistems\pcs chips\it would seem smart on the part of microsuck to cut some type of deal before google does cause if google manages to implement the android os as a full out multy plat os everyones gona jump on the band wagon and drop microwsuck alltogether cause thats what microsuck is trying to do with windows gay oops 8


Perhaps you shouldn't bash Microsoft when you aren't even intelligent enough to use punctuation, capitalization, or really any form of English grammar.

Oh, and your points are horribly invalid. So that makes you a retard on two counts.

no ms is still in the console

no ms is still in the console market and considering the other news we've heard its likely just they're simply gonna be putting windows on sony phones/tablets since the windows version after 8 will be multi plat. also sony does not make pc chips of any kind... in fact I'm pretty sure they don't produce any chips at all, of any kind.


....or maybe Sony played a card game with MS and lost all bets yeah that's it.

Worse case scenario: SonySoft Mindows 99

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