Microsoft: Steam Box Is Small Fry Compared To Xbox

When asked if he believes that Valve’s Steam Box would compete with Microsoft’s Xbox business, Microsoft’s president of Interactive Entertainment Business, Don Mattrick’s answer was a simple and decisive “No.”

It all comes down to simple mathematics, Mattrick believes. Regardless of Steam Box capabilities or innovations, Valve is not big enough to push around hundreds of thousands of units each month and on a worldwide scale.

Mattrick explained that, while he “loves Gabe” and Valve for “doing some innovative stuff,” he remains confident that "The scale of products and things that are being brought to market are probably a little bit richer when I look at Sony, Nintendo, Apple, and Google."

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Look at the On-Live console. That is the way steam should be setting up their system. Now on-live didn't do so well cause no one knew them. But call the same system a steam box, get them all all their games behind it and bam. No more pc or consoles needed. Consoles being xbox and ps3-4

PCs are always needed.

You can't get rid of PCs. The Steam Box is a PC. The point of it is that it is a unified, standardized hardware configuration sanctioned by a heavy hitter in the gaming industry that rightfully hates the **** out've Micro$hit & wants to use Linux to demolish them & their $hitbox control freak zealotry. I say the Steambox is dumb, because the world needs less of anything like a console & more of anything like a PC. A PC that is not customizable is not as good as one that is. There are already 3 of these things in market with obsolete PC hardware on launch, why anyone would want another is beyond me, except for the wide open philosophy of the whole thing, which is one of the things that makes the PC so great in the first place. At $1,000, Gabe can scarf it down for lunch 'cuz it ain't gonna replace **** at that price, if it even could stand a chance at any price. A ******' baws in a titty case costs less than that. I build pimp shizzle fo' 'round $7 hun'. Say'n?

Cheap PC

If I want something other than my game system's on my TVs I would rather build a cheap PC with a AMD APU with a Micro MB in a small case. Say what you want about AMD but they have great APU's. I was looking at building one a few weeks ago and with a A10-5800K, 8GB 1866 ram, Blu-ray player, 1TB HD, 550w PSU, MB and case for $450. I decided to buy a new GPU for my gaming desktop instead, but the point is why buy this steam box when you can build a cheap PC for your TV that can last for a long time and at most you may have to buy a GPU later on when PC games get more demanding accept for a few games.

You don't seem to grasp why

You don't seem to grasp why he said the xbox will out do a PC in the living room... I would say the xbox platform is designed to be that media pc in your living room. You can still use a external drive or use homegroup media on a xbox without very much installing or super geek knowledge to get things running. Plus everything is app controlled and pre-configured for media watching. Don't have to deal with codecs, don't have to bother with a lot of things, and with the new xbox we will have blu-ray drives to watch blu-rays, and maybe they added better external media support too? It's a win-win if the price is right.


so you own a steam box? how da **** would you know ***** not even out yet i got over 80 steam games i will be playing them on steam box wile your still giving your money out for **** games ill pay 15 to 25 bucks on a couple months after you only difference is ill pay half price and own it 4 ever you will buy it full price and be stuck with it for ever

sure, we all know kids are

sure, we all know kids are the ones programming, patching and configuring their rigs for their games console is so different! grown ups use them because we dont want to waste time in boring stuff, we just want to PLAY! GIMME MY GAME!

You can't say that without

You can't say that without saying Sony would be afraid of the steam box too. Anyways with how I keep hearing of it over heating, and crashing I can't seem to understand how the hell are you going to be able to upgrade its "modules" later on if the steam box will litterally turn into a steam box itself.

"steam box"

Well at least they are working on a resolution before the release. Unlike Sony and Microsoft that let it hit the public and go oops here is some free crap from our store and a new version of the system 6-months later.

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