Navy SEALs Disciplined For Divulging Military Secrets In MoH: Warfighter

Seven active duty U.S. Navy SEALs of SEAL Team Six have been disciplined by the U.S. army after divulging secret information to EA while working as military consultants for Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

SEAL Team Six is best known for raiding Osama Bin Laden’s headquarters in 2011 and killing him. In fact, one of the disciplined SEALs participated personally in that assault.

No details about the classified information that was shared are available yet, but it was confirmed that it included the use of classified material that was handed to them by the Navy.

As punishment, the seven SEALs have had their pay cut by 50% for two months. They also received letters of reprimand which would kill their chances for promotion. Another four ex-Team sis members are being investigated for the same violation.

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Smells like bulldeuce.

What do they think, some towelhat dune **** is gonna get some special secrets outta this? It's either an attempt to hype the game, or an attempt to hype the unproven claim that Bin Laden was killed. Or both.


so... after combat pay, special incentive pay, and family separation... basic allowance for housing and sustenance... more special pay for halo jumps and flight crew and dive pay and demo pay and if they speak a foreign language... all of which can't be touched, the only 50% they'd lose out on is their base pay. so, anywhere from $600-$3000 depending on their pay grade. that letter might hurt though... it's not going to mast but it'll probably drop their eval to a 3.0 or something.

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