A New Round Of Xbox 720 Rumors: Price, DRM And More

With the official reveal less than a month away, the web is abounding with all kinds of rumors about Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 720. Of course we will present you here with the most plausible ones only.

The first rumor/info comes from Paul Thurrott. Last month Thurrott announced that the Xbox 720 reveal will take place in May 2013, so he gets bonus credibility for that. According to his latest info, Xbox 720 will launch in November 2013 for $499 or $299 with $10 monthly subscription.

Thurrott also confirmed that Xbox will have a Blu-ray drive and that it will be based on Windows 8 core.

Another set of rumors/info comes from Polygon who were told by their sources that the next Xbox console will introduce a lot of tweaks to Xbox Achievements, social networking, video sharing and – of course – copy protection.

If the rumors are to be believed, Xbox 720 will be able to record your gameplay like a DVR and share it on Facebook and Ustream. Players are able to turn video recording on and off at a whim and they can set it to auto-capture certain “magic moments” such as scoring a headshot or earning a specific achievement. Magic moment capturing is supported for next gen titles only.

The Xbox Achievements system is also getting a facelift. With the new Achievements system, developers will be able to modify and add new achievements to their game after launch without adding DLC. Developers will also be able to link their achievements to broader events such as a weekend challenge or a communal goal such as amassing 10,000 in one day. Furthermore, the new Achievements system will allow developers to add cross-game and cross-platform achievements. For example, a publisher might choose to award an achievement to players who finish the first level in three different games. Cross-platform achievements can be earned by performing tasks in a companion smartphone app, website or Xbox 360.

As for DRM, Polygon’s sources confirmed that Xbox 720 will require constant internet connection for non-gaming entertainment such as video streaming. They also elaborated that the console supports anti-piracy checks through the internet. As of now, Microsoft’s guidelines give developers the choice between one-time authentication over the internet and requiring constant internet connection while playing.

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Any mobile GPU is crap when

Any mobile GPU is crap when compared to its desktop counterpart which also means that a lower model desktop GPU can and will beat any mobile GPU that is maybe 2 chipset models older. I know this first hand, for I have been the owner of Asus G73 - G74 - G75 laptops with the "same" hardware as my desktop rigs. Having said this and being a PC gamer, I can honestly say you can't build a sub $500 PC and have it perform better like a PS4 would do. And if you "could", this $500 PC will be out of business in less than a year, while the PS4 will have at least 3 more years, consoles speaking. But many people prefer the PC, and have a little extra cash to spend, so we prefer to buy $800-$1400 PCs that will outperform a PS4 any given day, theoretically cuz there's more to console's architecture than just CPU-GPU-RAM specifications.

For sure, a console is a more

For sure, a console is a more dedicated specific machine, so unlike all the jazzy realistic tech demos we see with our new video cards, we will never get to play games that look like that on our current card because there are so many different pc's out there that it's too hard to dedicate one game to different specs. not to mention all the other processes/viruses/spyware/virus scanning software etc running on the pc, so games may crash more often, not even run, lag or have more room for error('s). but if you are like me and keep a clean desktop pc dedicated to gaming only, and a business pc (so i call it) dedicated to everything else.

I'm rather concerned

The next generation console line-up is most adrenaline and awe demanding, if I may say. To think the specifications of both PS4 and 720 are as advanced as they claim, will truly be impressive; however, as far as gaming, the lead reason for "gaming" consoles is concerned, we know that the "gaming" and "interaction" part of it is as important as just flashy graphics. We know that consoles with just great hardware means nothing as superior consoles in the past have been pit against inferior ones and failed most miserably. Likewise a console with no games is as good as dead. But what good is all the hardware at the face of "creative plateau"? Allow me to elaborate as to what I am proposing. Gaming and the game features, game genres, game concepts and gaming at large has reached a point where mere hardware superiority and technological advancements can only do so much before human limitations and "Sandbox" "think-in-the-box" attitudes and limits come in the way of progress and development. The technology can not make the entire games themselves, thus the basic repetitive gaming ideas are sure to follow thereupon or to surface its head in the discussion. Also textures, details, arguments, physics, Sound effects, music, collision detections etcetera will need to be included in there, it will not be done automatically, which means a company on a budget will make terrible looking, playing, interacting, sounding, concept and story games even on the best hardware; better and bigger does not guarantee a fantastic game in the many aspects of sound, music, story and visuals.

its ****

omg , achievment , sharing and recording videos , more achieving cross achieving , copy protection ... 500usd . Ok gaming is not what it used to be , games should be played easily when you want where you want , games is ''having fun" , if they concentrate their efforts in making fun games based on original gameplay , and stop concentrate in graphics and high end material , one day they will succes , for me im not buying xbox or ps4 , old games / pc is the ****

Piece of ****.

That all sounds lame, boring, greedy & stupid. $500 for a ******* console, still? You can easily build a better PC for that money. Is Apple gonna sue them too, 'cuz that is a direct ripoff of the patented Apple black rectangle with round corners & a stainless steel band around the perimeter. You suck so bad Micro$hit. First Windows 8, then this whole Skype & Outlook mess & now a $500 box of **** modeled after an Apple box of **** that offers multi-game achievements & an optical disc drive that is very quickly becoming obsolete while requiring a constant internet connection to do anything. Way to go.


A good graphics card is like, $200, what are you talking about? Add in $100 for a mid-range CPU, $60 for a motherboard, $40 for a blu-ray drive and $60 for more RAM than this xbox could possibly have and bam - more powerful than either of the next gen consoles. That's in AU retail prices as well. in the US or en masse you could probably shave at least 10% off the price, probably more.


I build gaming PCs for a living. 6 days a week. There is NO WAY you are going to build a better gaming PC for $500 than what PS4 hardware contains. PS4 hardware has an 8-core "jaguar processor, 8GB DDR5 RAM, and a mobile AMD 7990 chip. Sure you can get a decent video card for $200, but a 7990 will blow the the living **** out of any card priced at $250 or below. The 7990 in itself, is a $400 or more video card. Furthermore, PS4 uses DDR5 which isn't even available for pC yet and won't be until early Spring 2014 according to Techblog and CNET experts. So, your claim to build a better computer for $500 is way off. Lets take the basics. First you spend $200 an a video card. That leaves $300 left. You need a good processor as well. Lets just buy the AMD FX-6300 Six0Core CPU for $140. That leaves $160 remaining. Then, lets buy some half-way decent RAM (8GB DDR3 PC-12800 1600Mhz) for $60. That leaves $100. So, You will have to buy a case, power supply (650Watt minimum), a hard drive, a CD/DVD Burner, and a couple extra 120mm cooling fans for $100. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Your $500 PC will look like **** compared to what the PS4's specifications are. And, I've gamed on PCs all my life. But, I am dropping my pride and admitting SONY has it right and from what I can tell, PS4 will surpass PC for the next 2 or 3 years, being a dedicated machine with nothing like Windows OS to hold it back and suck up resources. Do research before making a claim. In order to build a decent gaiming PC, you will need a minimum of $700. And, not everyone has that. Too bad XBOX 720's CPU is $37% less powerful than the PS4. Too bad it uses 8GB DDR3, instead of DDR5. Too bad it uses a mobile ATI 7850, instead of a 7990. I would have purchased the 720, but with 24 hour connectivity, no used games, the requiring of Kinect to use the Xbox 720, and less powerful hardware, Microsoft seems to going to way of Nintendo.........dying slow and hard.

Nobody builds gaming PC's 6 days a week

You lost most of us in the know on your first statement about how often you build gaming PC's. I've been working with computers since late 98' and currently manage several large scale networks ranging from medical suppliers to high schools. A request for a gaming computer comes in to our shop MAYBE once every other month and folks usually won't pony up the cash when it comes down to building the monster computer they think they want. Anyway, like many others have said, a reasonable PC that can match or outperform a computer can be done for a fairly reasonable price. I'd say $500 is stretching it for a "legal" PC with operating system but, and hear me out here, the little extra spent will get you a BETTER gaming device that is MUCH more flexible than any closed dev. console EVER. Think about how often you console gamers "HAVE" to use your computer to do your Facebook crap or Twitter crap or whatever it is you hipsters do these days. Anything that your current or next-gen console can do, I guaranteeing you that a computer can do better. So really, if you think about it, the PC is a better overall investment. There;s also the fact that if/when you computer has a hardware failure, it's not usually going to break the bank to get it fixed unlike the consoles. Zalman Z5 Mid Tower - $39.99 BIOSTAR A960D+ Motherboard - $61.99 Seagate 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive - $74.99 Team 8GB DDR3 (2x4GB) - FREE with motherboard PNY GeForce GTX 660 2GB GDDR5 - $189.99 Metro Last Light - FREE with video card Rosewill RD600W Power Supply - $54.99 AMD FX-8120 8 Core CPU - $159.99 APB Reloaded - Free LG Black 12x BluRay - $39.99 7 bucks shipping brings it to right about $750. But guess what? This will HANDILY beat the crap out of both "Next Gen" consoles.HANDILY, as in without breaking a sweat, as in easily, as in GO HOME CONSOLE FANBOYS YES the PS4 and XBOX720 will be great consoles, but... they aren't "GAMING" consoles anymore. They are entertainment systems. Sony, MS and Nintendo have all forgotten what made them so popular to begin with. Everyone is so damned focused on connectivity and tweeting. I could give a rats *** about some 13 year old punk that just beat another 13 year old punk in a game of CoD. LISTEN MS, SONY and NINTENDO. You wanna keep building "gaming" consoles? Then build a gaming console. You wanna compete with HTPC's or Roku or SmartTV's? Then build a separate box for that.

The moment you added AMD +

The moment you added AMD + Radeon graphics together for gaming you lost. Real gaming is Intel+Nvidia, but of course you aren't a real pro when it comes to common knowledge when building gaming rigs. A good i5-3750K processor is more than enough power for any sort of gaming, add in a good 8/16GB 1600Mhz 1.5v ram, and a good EVGA 660/TI and you are set. Extra things like blu-ray drives are pointless commodities in gaming. You can buy a x24 times burner for $20 bucks if you need a dvd bay for installing media. Plus guess what... You don't need more than a 400Watts on a PSU for that setup right there. Only idiots like you would drop in +700Watt PSU's that will never be used fully.

no 7990

From what I hear the PS4 has about a 7770M not a 7990. The 7990 is Crossfire on one board, no way they are gona put that in(though it would rock). PS4s claim to fame is 8GB of that superfast DDR5. Also from what I hear the 8-core chip is only gona run at 2Ghz. That's kinda pathetic when you can get a 8-core running at 4Ghz (both AMD)for less then $200 from Newegg right now.


I forgot the most important part of the PC ou were going to build for $500 (LMFAO). The motherboard. Any decent motherboard will cost you at least $130 or more. And, that is just for a DECENT motherboard. A good one will run $160 on up to $300 depending on if you are using AMD or Intel (Intel being the more expensive when it comes to motherboards). Forget this $60 mobo you speak of. Any mobob that costs $60 is a budget, low-end, low feature mini ATX board that will be prone to failure when put under intense gaming sessions.

Wow, you're really angry when

Wow, you're really angry when you're wrong, huh? :/ You think the new Xbox is using the equivelant a top-of-the-range Z77 motherboard with watercooling and a CPU with an unlocked multiplier? Any ****** knows you can make a faster PC by throwing more money at things, but that's not the point of the exercise, is it? It's supposed to be as good or better than, not a top-end gaming beast, which of course is going to cost much, much more. The GPU in either of the consoles is no better than a 7850 which is dirt cheap and avilable for less than $200, and AMD sell eight-core processors for the cost of a bottom-end i3. Oh, and the PS4 uses GDDR5, which is used on all current video cards, not DDR5 which doesn't exist. You must be a ******* atrocious system builder if you can't wrap your head around that just FYI.


Perhaps you should read more carefully, moron. I said a decent motherboard. DECENT. No self-respecting PC gamer uses a cheap $60 mobo unless he/she absolutely cannot afford to buy a DECENT mobo. Oh and sorry, a typo, GDDR5, which is still faster than DDR3. The G is the key here. Gddr5 is for gpus currently, and the 5 refers to the multiplier so it may gave the same base frequency but has a higher overall output, Gddr5 is by far better than ddr3. You just got stung, you stupid *******.

You forgot hard disk, monitor

You forgot hard disk, monitor, keyboard, mouse, power supply, case and fans. If you add those you have to lower cpu and gpu power to get back to near $500 prices and you end up with a low end pc. The devil is in the details.

Do the Xbox and PS4 come with

Do the Xbox and PS4 come with a monitor, keyboard, mouse or 'extra' fans? Or even an HDD for that matter, I though they were supposed to be 24/7 cloud connected? You're right about the case and PSU though, though tbh the cheapest case and PSU would surpass the miserable build quality of the last gen game consoles. My 360-S feels like it's made with chocolate or something, and the (external, brick) power supply melted the coating of my TV cabinet :/

calm down

In case you didn't realize. The Xbox hadn't been unveiled. That's an artist concept of what it might look like. Get your facts straight before you go hating on it

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