New Xbox 360 Game Charges Players By The Hour

For the first time in the console’s history, Microsoft has allowed an Xbox 360 game to charge players by the hour.

The new Karaoke application for Xbox 360 charges players by the hour for access to a library of 8,000 songs.

In Karaoke fans will sing along to scrolling lyrics on screen while their avatar performs the song on stage with a full complement of stage props, backup band and an adoring audience. The more songs are sung and poses struck, the more moola, props, fans and fun are earned as achievements are awarded.

Karaoke for Xbox 360 will have a selection of free sample songs that will change frequently. The game will be released on Xbox LIVE in time for the holidays.

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To all the ones saying that

To all the ones saying that this is a good idea, let me tell you clearly: You're horribly wrong. First of all If you pay full price for a game that means the game is always there, you can play how much you want and for free. Secondly paying by the hour means you'll need to have a constant internet connection which unfortunately sometimes it drops AND IF YOU HAVE NO CONNECTION AT ALL YOU CAN'T PLAY. Come to think of it, this idea isn't even good for an mmo game, currently most common mmos cost about 15 dollars a month and you can play how much you want and whenever you want, take into account someone who plays 10hrs+ a day. It would exceed those 15 dollars cause I highly doubt they will charge very little for an hour. This idea should never exist, it's a horrible way to trick customers and suck their money, especially the casual ones. I prefer paying 40 dollars to buy a game I will own forever than renting one. I pity the fools that fall for this and think it's a good idea.

Oh shut up.

M$ is a load of *** but if you don't wanna buy it, then don't. They're not forcing any of you kife bags to do anything & they're not doing anything to your freedom. M$ ***** with your freedom less than the Taliban does.

I agree!! It is stupid!!

I agree!! It is stupid!! "Digital mafia" a conspiracy theory???? Digital distribution maybe the last time they could repackage something and sell it to us!! Digital distribution buy's are tied to your account! As long as you have the account it will not stolen, lost or damaged!! This also kills the resales market!! I played 110 hours call of duty mw3 on my account when i stopped playing it. If there was rule i need to pay them a minimum wage to them of 8.25 an hour it would be.. $907.5!! lol They are forcing us to buy things i can not resell unless i sell the whole account!! It is still tied to my credit cards and other things!! If they make us pay subscription 9.99 an month that is still more than what my budget for games or music for a year!! What is our future? They all soon be based on a subscription .. "this they can sell the same thing over and over to us"!! No more owning of music,video or games!! Sad!!! like a "Digital mafia"!! Google "us-copyright-surveillance-machine-about-be-switched-on"

If the price is right this it

If the price is right this it's a great idea! Who wants to pay full retail price for a game you play only a couple of times when you have friends over? This is a great payment model for most party games.... Only a very stupid person would think this model applies to all games..

lets see how many people fall

lets see how many people fall for this one. can you see what these companies are doing to your freedom? they keep picking away at it bit by bit. why do you keep buying these products? its your right to play on your console when you want, and without a dumbass subscription or pay to pay fee. wake up.

Not bad

I know lots of people who like to go out drinking or stay home and do Karaoke with friends while putting a few back, by the hour for this isn't terrible at all for the audience it's targeting, this allows people who do karaoke play all the different songs they want without having to pay for them individiualy, personaly I would have loved this in rock band over the buy each song method... would have been cheaper for me and I would have played many more songs, 400 points a song isn't in everyones budget, thats 20 bucks for 4 songs... nty.

Good deal

I didn't buy Rock Band because I thought 95% of the songs were garbage. With this model, I actually get exactly what I pay for. Just hope the pricing is competative.

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