The Next Halo Game Will Be On PC And Mobile


While the original Halo was the game that brought the Xbox its first cult following and the second made Xbox Live a service that people really use and the following Halo games... did alright, on the Xbox 360, the next game in Master Chief's universe will be entirely different, appearing on both PC and mobile.

How can it achieve this blend? By not being a fast paced first person shooter of course, but a top down, dual-analog shooter. It's canon too, set between Halo 3 and 4 where players will "explore a mysterious world," and use a variety of weapons and vehicles to destroy hordes of Covenant soldiers - all while looking down from above.

The name? Halo: Spartan Assault.

Of course this being a Microsoft game, it's not clear yet whether it will appear on Android or iOS handsets, but we do know it'll be on Windows 8 tablets and desktops and on Windows 8 phones.

It will apparently cost $7 on launch and will feature micro-transactions in game, though according to Kotaku, they're not mandatory for game completion - there will just be some grinding involved if you don't pony up the cash.

It looks like this game will tone down the violence and gore a little from previous Halo games, as it's sporting a Teen rating instead of the most common Mature one found on previous Halo games. It will however link back with Halo 4, letting you earn experience that can be spent on emblems for your spartan's career in 4.

So what do you guys think of this? If you like the look of it, do you have a Windows 8 device that could play it?

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No ThaNks

i wOnt be TrickEd intO buying windows 8 or a windows 8 tablet or a WindOwz 8 pc just so I can play a game that resembles games that were released way back in early 1999. These kind of games have no business being sold at this point. Also people remember not only is this game just a basic old style lame Top down shooter it's also going to try and suck your money out of your wallets by asking for micro transactions during battle. Lame. No self respecting windows users will fall for this just because the game has Halos name on the package. Don't support games like this. Don't support lame Top Down titles that have Microtransactions. This game probably took them 4 months to make or less with a small team. They are trying to sucker us into buying shitty old style games while sucking money out of our pockets. Microsoft will laugh all the way to the bank knowing they can sucker people into buying shitty cheap style budget games and than on top of that pick money out of your wallets while you play said shitty budget style game. DON'T DO IT. DON'T BUY OR SUPPORT GAMES LIKE THIS.

It's funny cause all my MS

It's funny cause all my MS fanboy friends went and bought ps3's because they are seeing all this bad news from MS, they don't want to be out of the circle. They literally went out and all purchased ps3's at the same time. They are using TLOU as their excuse. MS is losing the people.

sick of shit games

the quality of games is falling through the floor I long for the days of Crisis when companies made an active effort to really push what the technology of the day could do. What we get instead is nurfed shite made for dated hardware that's old before it even hits the shelf. After the disappointment I felt after pre-ordering Crisis 2 to be presented with a graphically inferior game with poor AI and crappy constrained environments due to restrictions in console processing power I refuse to pay for the third installment they can shove it up their arse especially when it was PC gamer's that made them the money to develop it in the first place. The whole industry is at it not one company is willing to tell the console developers to wise the fuck up and make their hardware up-gradable no we get stuck with games developed for 5 year old tech what a fucking joke you may as well just flush your cash down the bog!!!


.. lacking from everyday folk. THEY WILL buy this shit, THEY WILL pay money not to grind. It's the morons which keep these.. these.. devils? pouring this shit out daily. Anyone who comments on here has a little, at least. sense of reality (only a little mind, VERY LITTLE) as you get on a PC and actually blog on a website. The sheep will not see this comment section.. so they will not be enlightened AT ALL. Anyway nothing to see here - you are free to do as we tell you. Lol capture = "well isn't that special" yes I am, as we all are, thank you.


You cant blame them entirely, the lack of parenting has a lot to do with it - and not to mention that their bodies are being unknowingly poisoned by 3/4 of the shit they consume on a daily basis which in turn affects their mind too so... yeah....

as if...

I like how you people talk as if you're not sheeple just because you plan to evade ONE little trick. Wake up, we're caught in far more complex schemes and we're none the wiser about it. Realizing that is the first step to not being a sheeple and by the way you guys talk, you're still far from it.

Isn't it?

But then again, why would they since they can make up for all that lost profit on console sales. It's actually disturbing thinking how many people brought a console for just one game.

Halo Name Rant

Microsoft bringer of shitty consoles creatOr of the shitty pointless windows 8 operating system creatOr of the stupid Xbox one, do they really think we're this stupid that somehow they can slap the name Halo on a shitty game and that some how is going to make millions and million of people want to go out and buy that shitty pointless windows 8 operating system. No thanks biotches. I'll stick with windows 7 and you can keep your shitty Halo Title on your shitty Xbox consoles.

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