Nintendo Is Most Afraid Of Cheap Mobile Games

During the latest episode of GameTrailers TV, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime discussed the greatest threat facing the company's upcoming 3DS.
According to Nintendo's President, cheap $1 and $2 mobile games are "one of the biggest risks today in our gaming industry."
Fils-Aime made a destinction between "full-fledged" 3DS games such as Steel Driver which he believes are worth their $35 to $45 price range, and the flood of cheap mobile and iPhone games that are "disposable from a consumer standpoint."
"Angry Birds is a great piece of experience," he said, "but that is one compared to thousands of other pieces of content that for one or two dollars I think create a mentality for the consumer that a piece of gaming content should only be $2."
Fils-Aime went as far as stating that he "think[s] some of those games are actually overpriced at $1 or $2, but that's a different story."

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he's talking about the ds, of

he's talking about the ds, of which there are much higher quality games and unless your talking about graphics the wii does have many quality titles... they're just hard to find though all the crap, but they are there. and really, the quality of even the other consoles and pc is crap now compared to what it used to be. buggy half assed games making up the majority of games released

Just because...

Just because people play games on their phones doesn't make them "gamers".

People who don't recognize the quality difference between something like Angry Birds and say... Advance Wars shouldn't be part of your target audience anyway.

Forget that 'just because', it can be used in many ways...

When the wii came about, nintendo changed the gaming business for good. Games are not just for gamers anymore, sell games to more than just the group called 'gamers' and you make more money, surprise! It worked so well that both MS and Sony decided to join in on the fun.

These casual gamers are oblivious to details such as game depth. For them angry birds might be just as good as advance wars (if not better).

Its natural, they're less knowledgeable about games so they don't make fine distinctions. I could say the same about pcs (and I do sometimes) "why are these damn people even using pcs when they don't even know the differences between the tcp and udp protocols. After all, all they do is catch viruses accidentaly and spread them around unwillingly, become parts of botnets used to launch ddns attacks unknowingly and generally just contribute to make the web worse and unsafe."

But hey, they have money just like me. For pc manufacturers and resellers they are just as good as I am, even though they have no idea how data is stored inside their hd's while I can recover lost data without using any data recovery software.

In the end, its all business. Since nintendo moved on to casual gamers its obvious they'd be concerned about that, it's their new pet market after all.

while the meaning of your

while the meaning of your argument is valid your lacks thought. games are merely 1 of many forms of entertainment that existed for years, ignored by many. obviously pc's with the advent of the internet became more than a mere hobby or for of entertainment they became a part of our life and our culture. while it would do them good to know a lot more about their pc's and how they work other than "this button makes it go" to think that knowing more about a pc makes you superior to them and that they shouldn't use a computer, is pretty stupid, almost makes me wish nerds still got beat severely by the jocks, they've developed a horrible ego and your proof

also, even nintendo's initial casual market created by the wii wasn't as casual as what we see now. some was yes, but much of it had more depth. what we're seeing now, is people who made simplistic indy games on the pc or even flash games getting put in the spot light

The worth of something is

The worth of something is deemed by what someone else will pay for it, and these games sell. So just to be clear, the guy who thinks these games are damaging the market and causing people to think NDS software is a rip off, thinks that these games are a rip off?? Is he not guilty of the same thing? Of course console games are a rip off. A multi platform release will see a game selling for £39.99 on xbox and PS3, yet £24.99 on PC. wtf? At least these cheap mobile games are just that, so when you see the same game churned out time and time again, with a different front on it, you have only paid 2 dollars for it.

um you realize the reason

um you realize the reason that the price is higher on the console is because the game deves have to pay a licensing fee right? its how the console makers, make a profit. the game dev has to pay the console makers (sony or Microsoft) a fee to make the game on their console, this is why consoles are able to be sold at a loss at the start, because they get revenue from the games as well. the pc has no single maker, no one who the devs have to pay anything to and there for doesn't need to have a extra tax effectively tagged on

What kind of moron thinks any game is not disposable?

Hey Nintendo, your little kiddie games are no more fun or enduring than a cheap iPhone game. No game in existence is eternal. Nobody will play any game forever & your shit is as "disposable" as anyone elses. Stop overpricing games & then maybe you can compete. The cheap games I've played on the iPhone are as fun as anything you've ever made. Most games should only cost $5 or less, & not only including yours, but ESPECIALLY YOURS!!!

You're just jealous that there are devices out there that are portable & versatile that are not only gaming systems but so many other things that your piece of shit isn't & you can't compete.

Yo're really an angy Moron...

Actually, that 'claim' of yours that Nintendo hasnt made or produced "fun" games is a statement of your opinion.
Secondly in 'your' opinion that 'most' games should cost $6 is a mislead one, as that would'nt allow good quality games to be produced, unless you believe Angry Birds is an AAA title.

Anyhow Nintendo pionerred and promoted the idea of Portobale gaming. And if you really beleive that maybe an Iphone is a good gaming machine or a good portable gaming one, then perhaps your sorta delusional.

I totally agree with him I

I totally agree with him I hate all these cheap games, they are damaging the market because many game companies, big companies are seeing this and thinking we should stop making big block buster games and shit out these cheap little ipod games instead! and slowly gaming dies. and really he's right $2 for some of these games is a rip off almost as bad as $60 for 8 hour fps... when most of the games are glorified flash games, something thats free, they arn't worth much

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