Nintendo President: Wii U Price Is Not The Problem

Wii U’s lackluster sales are only getting worse with time. In fact, Nintendo’s supposedly-next-gen console has sold no more than 160,000 units worldwide from April to June 2013. Some investors believe that this calls for a price cut, but company president Satoru Iwata doesn’t agree.

According to Iwata, the more expensive premium version of the console is outselling the basic one. If Wii U was overpriced, "the Basic version should have sold a lot, but the fact of the matter is that people are buying more of the Premium version," he argued. "So the issue is not there."

Instead, Iwata believes that Wii U suffers from the lack of software. "The only solution is to provide the mass-market with a number of quality software titles," he admitted.

Wii U basic version retails for $300 while the premium version retails for $350. For comparison, PlayStation 4 will retail for $399 and Xbox One will retail for $499.

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Yeah the problem is the timing, as in a product with Wii U's specs should have been released around 2005. The gimick has worn off, stop selling *******systems at a barely discounted price and produce some good games too while you're at it, idiots.

missing the point

I think there are several things the Wii U missed. Number 1 IMO is the name. The name sounds like an extension of the Wii and doesn't convey that it is a new system. Number 2, the system looks pretty much identical to the Wii. This give the impression that it, again, is the same system as the Wii. It shares the look and the name. Number 3, hype. There didn't seem to be any. There were more than enough units at launch and it didn't raise the hype like the Wii did. There are probably many more issues that could be said, but I think these were the main issues that made the console have poor sales.

Would be nice if old consoles

Would be nice if old consoles sold for a lot. The Dreamcast has been steady at $30 for the past 10 years, and it's likely even cheaper today. Might want to hold onto that WiiU for at least 100 years before you can turn a decent profit on it. I'd wait 200 though.

Prices have gone up on the DC

Prices have gone up on the DC since I last checked, so I was wrong with $30. They seem to be around $40-$50 now. If you know people willing to pay $300 for a Dreamcast, I suggest you start buying and selling them. Selling 1 would allow you to buy 6 more. DC launch price was $199.


The premium version sells better because y'all are a bunch of consumer whores that want the best, and are never content; not healthy. He is right about the titles, though, they need to start marketing more quality titles.

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