Nintendo Redacts Super Mario Bros U 1080p Claims

A minor change in the wording of one ad revealed that Nintendo’s upcoming Super Mario Bros U game won’t be displayed in native 1080p resolution.

Yesterday, the game’s official website displayed an ad that says “"Experience Mario like never before... in full 1080p HD, only on the Wii U console!"

But today the same ad was inexplicably rephrased to say "Experience Mario like never before... in high definition, only on the Wii U console!"

Nintendo is yet to respond to requests for clarification. In the meanwhile, the most reasonable explanation is that Super Mario Bros U will run at 720p.

Nintendo’s Wii U console is scheduled for release on November 18th, 2012. The basic SKU will be sold for $299.

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PC or Console

As a long time fan of gaming since mario to sonic the hedgehog remember home gaming was just about fun and not what it looked like most of the time ..and when you wanted to see something better you grabbed some change and went to the arcade to play double dragon or many NEO GEO games the it looked prettey. its to each their own ...beleived it or no some people aren't smart enough to work PC so consoles are easier to learn ...console will always be around to break even if you take care of them ...cause you don't want you kid near your gaming computer

Here we go again

I've heard this argument for over 20+ years...That my pc is better than a console...Yes we know, PC has always had better specs than a console. But for fun, I can go either way, there are fun games on both. The issue is that developers need to make games that are fun, not games that push the most polys and textures possible. That was the problem with the late 90s. Every company was making a 3d game and forgot to make them fun. I can still load up original Pac-Man and play it because it is fun. The failure Nintendo has is that about 80% of titles on the Wii are not fun, and the system is horribly under powered for the current generation. So failure on both fronts. As for PC games, hardcore gamers need to understand this market dried up along time ago, only the ultra user with a suped up 4K alien ware pc is playing. The casual gamer can not afford that. Hard core gamers only make up a small part of the revenue pie.

as a pc gamer all consoles

as a pc gamer all consoles are primitive i have had 1080p at 60 frames per second for years now. consoles blow and the fact that i can use my Xbox 360 controller natively in windows or my ps3 controller through third party software on just about any game that has come out for the last two years (the only game i can think of that didn't support controllers was mass effect two and three) puts your consoles to shame. and before you start spouting price to me that you cant build a gaming computer for what a console costs i will kick you in the nuts, yes you can. well maybe for about 100 dollars more than a ps3 or xbox 360 i could build you a computer that can run most games on full HD resolution at 60 frames per second prices are coming down and soon consoles will be obsolete i give them a life of 5 to 10 years before the PC market takes over or mobile devices take over.

i agree

i agree it doesnt matter how powerfull a console is even if it was 6 times more powerful than ps3 it still comes down to limitations do i run at 60fps @ 1080p with X amount of detail or do i run at 30fps @ 720p upscaled to 1080p with double the graphic detail. but with pc its like well if you can only run it a 720p @ 30fps then get a better GPU

wow you are a pc gamer and

wow you are a pc gamer and you hate your consoles? Why did you buy them then?. Hey, I'm a pc gamer to!, so does that mean i have to forget about my ps3 and 360 just because i have a pc. its not like consoles have exclusives or anything... right?


um, gifts? parents? stolen? drunk impulse buy?.. better yet (who the **** cares why he has a console?) everything he said is true, correct. and people DISPUTING this. are just ******* sheep!


Actually you can't build a good enough system for $300-350 (console price) even if you add another $100 you still won't reach that level to reach 1080 res at 60 fps period. Minimum price would be around 775, and thats pretty bare bones + scavenge old parts from other computers like HDD's, keyboards and mice, even a monitor lol. If you really want true 60FPS @ 1080P Res you're easily going to spend $1000 easily. So yea the consoles may be inferior but at their prices, all you need to do at that point is purchase the games and play.


First off most ppl already have a pc just not a gaming pc through in a new graphics card boom gaming pc. 2nd why do I need a monitor? I can use the same tv that I am going to use for my xbox. 3rd point is that I have not had to replace the computer case, keyboard, hard drive, dvd drive, and power supply on my pc for 10 years on my gaming pc. I Upgrade the motherboard, cpu, memory and graphics card. In the end I spend 100 per year to keep my pc up to date. I have a 360 and I do not see anymore lag on my pc than on the 360. but I still love my 360 for halo, forza,gears of war, and all of the kinect games. here is my configuration. cpu = intel i3 2100 I paid $75 on ebay this year motherboard = ECS H61H2-M2 $46.98 newegg memory = 8gb for 35 or less newegg graphics card = 5850 $85 ebay power supply = antec 500 bronze $30 newegg (shell shocker) 3 months back That totals for $272 add a hard drive for $50 or less a case for $20-30 I bought a keyboard and mouse for $2 from a garage sale and my family members always have extras.

That 5850 is a bloody good

That 5850 is a bloody good card. I have a 5870 and it plays everything full blast. I owned a play station 3 in 2006 ( I was a sony employee at the time) it died years ago. I got a 360 instead, it died within 2 years, I eventually got another one and it died..... No thanks. Cheap tat. To say consoles are for the poor is ignorant.... so I might say instead that consoles are for the uneducated.


I actually find it quite funny how you guys keep spending cash on these minor upgrades, and to play what exactly? My system is reaching its 7thish year since i got it and upgraded only its ram and gpu, and it handles Dishonored, Xcom Enemy Unknown, Battlefield 3 etc, just fine. Don't mess with my Pentium D Extreme 4.0Ghz, 2Gb 800Mhz DDR3, 8800 GTX OCX, with a phat 1500rpm Sata HDD for gaming goodness, and guess what LOL I can also SLI one more 8800 for like 60 bucks and be able to play games 1-2 years from now. But if you want to roll out a thousand bucks right now you could have a system for a good 8 years easily.

It's primitive in the context

It's primitive in the context of marketing comparisons with previous consoles: Original Xbox - promised games rendered in full 1080i prior to release, Xbox 360 - promised games rendered in full 1080p prior to release, PS3 - promised games rendered in full 1080p prior to release. To do the same thing Nintendo looks primitive by today's technology where 1080p is now standard in games and movies. Even with their relatively beefy specs they can't pull it off. Nintendo is the troglodyte of the console market.

Xbox360 and PS3 are not 1080p

Not even 10% of the games for the xbox360 or ps3 are in 1080p, and the ones that, use 30fps Most game developer says they games in WiiU are native 1080p @ 60fps Thats not premetive, also, you can still play games like MW3 in 1080p @ 60fps on the TV and a secound player on the Gamepad at the same time, If thats primitive, you should check the short list of games that ps3/xbox that have 720p, or the even shorter that have 1080, and the non existing list that have 1080p @ 60fps.

That's exactly my point. None

That's exactly my point. None of the consoles which promised 1920x1080 resolution in games have delivered on that promise. The fact that Nintendo is already realizing they made a mistake to claim 1080p games means it is a primitive console and it isn't even out yet. To be not primitive, a console must meet the standards in the current video game market. 100% of all the games I play are 1920x1080 or higher. That is standard gaming now. If the Wii U can truly render MW3 in 1080p @ 60fps all that tells us is how outdated the IW engine really is. Comparing the Wii U to the hardware in other consoles of course it isn't primitive in that respect, I wouldn't compare my current gaming machine with the one I had 6 years ago. Comparing it however to what is current the hardware in the Wii U is on the verge of being obsolete.

I think you are confused.

I think you are confused. There didn't make a mistake on promising the console can do 1080p, they made a mistake on a whether or not a specific game was going to do 1080p. Also, some people don't base their purchasing choices on the hardware specs of the console. I'll probably be buying a Wii U because I've never in my life had a Nintendo console die on me, but I've had a Playstation, PS2, and an Xbox die on me, along with several friends having PS3s and 360s die on them. I'll be buying Nintendo because they haven't let me down yet in delivering what they promise, and the consoles actually work for more than 3 years.

It sets a precedent for other

It sets a precedent for other Wii U game developers to scale back graphics because Nintendo themselves have done so. I was also illustrating the point that consoles have been making untrue claims about the capabilities of their hardware to con the masses into buying. I've never had a console die on me, it's actually pretty difficult to kill their main boards. My 360 and PS3 over-heated on me but they were both quickly fixed with some very basic computer cooling modifications. The original Nintendo was the most painful console to operate in history, or do you not remember blowing on cartridges? The Xbox is still the most well-constructed console to date. Microsoft sold each one of them at a loss because they used good components in the build. I've had mine for over 10 years and it still gets heavily used daily as my media center, I rarely turn it off and I haven't had to replace or fix a single component. That said, all consoles still blow. They are only fun when they are hacked... especially the PS3. Love my Linux! :)

The fact is, we don't even

The fact is, we don't even know if Super Mario Bros U will be 720 instead of 1080, they only changed the wording to HD, perhaps just correcting a mistake someone made in the wording. Regardless, I don't think it does set a precedent. If the game engine is made with 1080 in mind, it doesn't take any more work than running it at 720. I've programmed several, albeit it small and not particularly advanced, game engines and it was no problem to run them on higher resolutions. And I don't see the point of a developer making a game on the Wii U without taking advantage of it's ability to run at 1080. If nothing else, it's good marketing to say it's 1080. The original NES, a console released in 1985, an fairly early foray into the world of video games, wasn't designed particularly well, but both of mine still work. The friends I have who had PS3s and 360s die on them take great care of their hardware, and they just stopped working no real reason. I believe one PS3 died from a bad Firmware update that wouldn't allow you to update at all to fix, the other did absolutely nothing, and one of the 360s wouldn't output any video regardless of the cooling involved. I wouldn't be so upset because I understand that things eventually give out, but these consoles were both supposed to have 10 year life spans, and they all gave out in 3-4 years, and all of them just after the warranties expired. I've never had these kinds of problems with Nintendo, not even the original NES. I now I shouldn't let my personal experiences affect my opinion so much, but it's hard to do.

Nintendo make cartoon games

Nintendo make cartoon games for babies. That is why they can run at 1080p. Choose any other game with some detail in it... and you will find that you can no longer use a 128x128 texture, you need a 512x512 texture instead. So be weary if a game says its 1080p that simply means more loading times, less detail, and a smaller game overall. This is why nintendo is primitive, its console should have enough GPU memory to store multiple heavy textures and move away from the horrible childrens cartoon look that all nintendo games have.

If the **** graphics matter

If the **** graphics matter to you so much, than by all mean spend more money on your crap that will die in a year or two. I'm going to buy a Nintendo console to play Nintendo games, and a PC, that will actually last, for everything else. I seriously don't get why people seem so damned concerned about graphics as if they actually matter to the game in any way beyond looking nice. You go right ahead and play your graphics, while I play my games. Also, it's spelled "wary", not weary.

what is advace for you?

What whoud be not primitive for you, 4K + 3D? Still don't understand what you mean by primitive. This is a console what outputs 1080p @ 60fps + a secondary wireless screen (low rez but impressive any way) natively for most of is games, your the one that talk about Pre-2005. There is nothing this advance back in 205 or today, no one have 4k tvs and less then 5% have 3D tvs, what do you want? annoy people?

The claim of playing games at

The claim of playing games at 1080P or higher makes me believe he either doesn't know what those numbers mean, or he uses a PC. If he is a PC user, than every console is primitive because PCs, being the primary market to help drive innovation in hardware, get the better hardware first and are already better than the consoles released. The fact is there is nothing wrong with the Wii U besides the name, and if graphics are your primary concern, you shouldn't be playing on a console anyway.

Yeah I agree there is nothing

Yeah I agree there is nothing wrong with using a low-end 3 generations old GPU and there is nothing wrong with using a proprietary IBM cpu that can't even stand up to the 6 year old PS3's PowerPC+Cell. It's fine to like Nintendo for the innovations in control and peripherals. I will also admit Nintendo's consoles have a good history of durability and longevity(I even have a SNES that was partially melted from sitting next to a radiator too long, still works!). But you can't expect gamers to believe the new console that isn't out yet is anything but "primitive" from a technical perspective.

I'm not trying to make people

I'm not trying to make people believe that the console is some kind of technological messiah. Only pointing out that graphics and technological advancement aren't nearly as important as the games that are on the console. Every gamer I know would as soon play a NES, SNES, or Genesis as a newer title, because the games were good. I really enjoy Nintendo first party titles, and Nintendo is in a decent position to get third party support, so I'm going to buy this console. Not for the technology involved, but for the games, and that' the point I'm trying to make.

Such a silly assumption

How about physics and increased cpu power which can actually affect gameplay? Not gpu which does nothing other than make things look shiny. Even so, some of the greatest games we have to this day are from the snes era, that implies technological advances since then haven't really been so relevant. If graphics are what really matter to you in a game then you're out of touch with one thing, real gaming.

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