Notch Refuses To Certify MineCraft For Windows 8

MineCraft creator, Markus "Notch" Persson, has refused to work with Microsoft to certify MineCraft for Windows 8.

“Got an email from microsoft, wanting to help ‘certify’ minecraft for win 8,” he tweeted. “I told them to stop trying to ruin the pc as an open platform.”

“I'd rather have minecraft not run on win 8 at all than to play along” Notch added in a follow up tweet. “Maybe we can convince a few people not to switch to win 8 that way..”

To be more precise, the certification mentioned in Microsoft’s email is not needed to get the game to run on Windows 8. It is however required only if the game is to be available through the Windows Store. While the X86 version of Windows 8 is able to run programs from any source, the ARM version is locked into running certified applications from the Windows Store only. Unsurprisingly, Notch and most of the indie community view this as a backward move from the (relative) openness of earlier Windows versions.

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Microsoft Public Service Annocement

To all you low income earners out there, Of course we got to try and strangle as much cash out of everyone as possible. Today's age isn't about geeks its about low IQ people and we at microsoft love taking every single dime from them. We will get Notch to sign to the Windows Store. If he doesn't Comply we will be releasing a new game called Mineshaft which runs on the Unreal 4 Engine. Beat that *****'s Regards, HAL3001 Microsoft Pty Ltd

Unreal 4 engine (or any other

Unreal 4 engine (or any other unreal engine) has no support for voxel terrains, and if someone were to implement that, the graphics quality would have to be lowered dramatically in order to support a world as large as minecrafts. There goes your attempt to seem like you know what you're talking about, gg no re.

Actually you can't do

Actually you can't do anything you want with it. Computers have very limited processing power (i'm referring to high end PCs), when you talk about voxel terrains you're already talking about spending a large chunk of that power just to deal with terrain, if you were to try and blend realistic graphics with voxel terrain all you'd get is a game that runs at sub 1 fps speeds in any given computer. The more you talk, the more you show us all how little you know about the subject. Try googling "marching cubes", if you can understand that then you'll have a good grasp of voxel terrains, though I doubt you'll get past the first few lines of explanation.

Dude, talk about pessimism 0

Dude, talk about pessimism 0_o There's nothing stopping someone implementing an efficient OpenCL-style voxel terrain system on top of an existing rendering engine, I've don it hundreds of times as have many, many other people - sure, it might not look as 'shiny' or whatever the **** you mean by 'realistic' but the functionality is perfect - are you not a programmer? And no need to be a **** about it, jesus christ what the **** is wrong with you?

fight the power

Thing of it is. Seems like if you want to release a product on Windows 8 you have to pay microsoft. I believe a lot will just not bother whereas on pc it`s free. I guess Apple is the same. Just seems like mafia tactics as you have to always pay a cut to `the Don` for you to be able to operate. Throughout electronic media history it`s been free to publish on most systems, computers especially, I just don`t understand the argument of why this has now changed other than greed for a share of something the big companies don`t contribute to creating.

The only thing you're talking

The only thing you're talking about is how YOUR definition of open is correct as opposed to definitions that are shared by several people. There is no one definition for 'open' in computing since its just an adopted word, it wasnt made scpecifically for it.

You clearly have no idea what

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about here - in any capacity, linguistically, culturally or philosophically. 'Open Source' was an idea that there should be the capacity for users to have a measure of control of the software they trust by having unrestricted access to the source code that it was made from; thus, the source code was 'open' for everyone to see. Open did not always mean 'free', and it certainly did not mean only things not optionally sold in an online store. Today, 'Open' has come to mean the opposite whatever the pop-geek flavour of the month hate crusade Reddit, 4Chan and Cory Doctorow brew up in their bizarre anti-corporate reality-distorted techno-bubbles and has destroyed all meaning and credibility 'open' had as a deice or movement. the amount of time's I've heard "Apple hates open" and "Microsoft provide and open platform that is only just now being destroyed with Metro" is staggering and completely incorrect in almost every instance, which is surprising given the respect I previously had for most of those commentators who have become so out-of-touch and up their own arses that they can't see through their own pseudo-plato-utopian bullshit.

It costs hundreds of

It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for a company to be able to issue a single patch to its already released 360 game, hence why only critical bugfixes are available. It's microsofts fault for charging so much, not the developers.

I don't think microsoft is

I don't think microsoft is sucessful. More like stupid. So LMFTFY Notch and minecraft is smart but pathetic. He doesn't support 360 updates which is good he just wants to be famous for doing the opposite of a stupid company.

360 updates are pathetic, do

360 updates are pathetic, do you know what it takes to have your game updated on 360? Maybe u should do some looking into it. Actually just don't post anymore. 360 = worst console in history, dies all the time, costs money to play online.

Not Indie anymore

You can't say notch's company is indie anymore, not after the millions of sales of minecraft on multiple platforms. So when I hear crap like this, when a company is trying to look "nice" in front of the camera's just makes me sick. The only thing he's doing in the end is actually causing the backwards move himself, and not companies like microsoft trying to innovate new systems for billions of users.

I'm sorry, I'm a stupid

I'm sorry, I'm a stupid person just here for the shouting contest. I'm just another Microsoft fanboy but people are allowed to have opinions even though the IQ of those opinions seem really low. But I digress. I didn't know what I was saying when I claimed notch isn't indie no more. Its like saying an indie company cannot be successful. I'm sorry everybody.

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