NVIDIA Beats Mantle Performance With Regular Driver Optimizations

AMD has been touting its low level graphics API, Mantle, as the Holy Grail for PC graphics performance optimization, but NVIDIA now claims that it has outperformed it simply by optimizing its standard DirectX 11 drivers.

AMD claims that Mantle is capable of performing nine times the number of draw calls per second than DirectX and Open GL; and those claims turned out to be more or less true for Oxide Games space demo and Battlefield 4.

To date, only three games support Mantle: Battlefield 4, Thief and the free Star Swarm demo. According to NVIDIA, the performance optimizations introduced to GeForce 337.50 beta drivers outshine Mantle's performance gains.

"Compared to our competitor’s new, much-discussed API, our testing found the combination of the new 337.50 Beta drivers, and DirectX 11, to offer a faster experience with suitably-matched hardware," asserted NVIDIA.

NVIDIA supported its claims with benchmark results, comparing the 3 games running on the same hardware with AMD Radeon R9 290X and NVIDIA's GeForce 780 Ti. NVIDIA's performance was better in all cases.

The new driver is also supposed to enhance DirectX 11 performance for other games.

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Notice the Graph...

Umm...If you're playing a popular, modern, graphic-intensive game @ 1080p w/max settings and getting 60+ fps NO MATTER WHAT DRIVER OR BRAND YOU HAVE...you shouldn't be complaining or talking $h!t about whatever "other" company". Both must be good enough, just saying.

The only reason Nvidia gets

The only reason Nvidia gets better results is because it's the faster graphics card. If you look closely at the results, the performance gains from Mantle are greater than the driver optimizations made by Nvidia. In other words, if both graphics cards had identical raw performance, the Mantle API would perform better. If OpenGL and Mantle could push DirectX off the market it would be pure win for all gamers. Better performance, Linux support and even if you're a Windows fanboy you'd still benefit by not being forced to upgrade to an OS you don't want to such as Windows 8 just to get access to the latest version of DirectX.

3DFX GLide

3DFX Glide supported a lot more than a handful of games, was a smaller more streamlined subset of OpenGL At The time. Games generally ran faster and looked better than in other modes, it definately was not as trivial as you guys are making out.

Yeah, I really doubt most of

Yeah, I really doubt most of the commenters below are old enough to have played any games using Glide on Voodoo hardware, let alone developed for it. It's lost on the kids, they don't care about the history or evolution of technologies they pretend to understand it's just one disgusting corporate-sponsored us vs them ******* match of brand loyalty.


the memories. had me remembering the days when i got a voodoo gfx card and was showing off how good Quake 2 was running on it. had all sorts of people in the dorms switching over and gamed for hours.

Suck some Nvidia?

Is this one purposely biased towards Nvidia? Nividia's OWN tests revealed that Nvidia is better? Wow that's a big surprise isn't it? What does AMD's OWN testing reveal? That AMD is better? Ahhhhhhh, how can this be? Mantle is probably an idea implemented by AMD expecting widespread adoption because they have current control of the dumb console market that's dying anyway. I'm not a big Nvidia fan since their hardware is so artificially expensive, but I absolutely hate things like proprietary products & that's what Mantle really is. It's not progress if it's not available to all & what you'll be left with is a choice by devs to support something that only a fraction of the population can utilize. If it got Micro$hit off their stupid greedy ***** to make a better universal API then that's great, but otherwise it'll just be another Glide. Good at what it does, but too segregated to matter.

You mean just like how OpenGL

You mean just like how OpenGL is and always has been? Less overhead, more framerate gains also because the CPU has to do less work? :P Look at Goldsrc (CS1.6 and HL1 used this engine)... it ALWAYS ran better with OpenGL than Direct X 7... Look at Source Engine! Go on Google and look up source engine opengl... extremetech did a great write up about it. Mantle is really just another tech demo, like 3DFX glide was, to show how much of an overhaul Direct X really needs to stay competitive with other rendering API's... especially OpenGL, which is better in every case.... in fact? Valve has stated in the past that Source Engine 2 will be OpenGL, not Direct X.

Or developers could just use

Or developers could just use OpenGL which has way less overhead than DirectX, is supported on all graphics cards and runs faster than DirectX... AND can do all the same special graphics rendering as DirectX 11... AND works already on Linux and Mac!? where-as I doubt Mantle works on Linux and Mac just like Direct X doesn't!?!?!?.... :P I'm just saying.. if people are all "Mantle is the way to go"... no it's not. OpenGL if anything is the way to go. Look at 3DFX Glide... anyone even remember that? Only a handful of games ever ended up supporting it and it didn't last very long... then again nVidia bought out 3DFX and dropped the API cause even back then they realized it's a waste of time when they could just optimize already exsisting APIs..... which they are doing again in Direct X 11. BESIDES!!! DIRECT X 12 IS THE SAME IDEA!!! LESS OVERHEAD AND SUPPORTS ANY GRAPHICS CARD WITH DIRECT X 11 SUPPORT!!!! DO YOU SEE HOW STUPID IT IS TO EVEN SUPPORT MANTLE!?!? MIGHT AS WELL JUST WAIT FOR DIRECT X 12!!! /rant. :P In the meantime? I'll just enjoy these driver optimizations and wait for games to add support for Direct X 12... or OpenGL... just saying... Mantle is a good thing in the sense that now Microsoft is probably going to make Direct X 12 beat the crap out of it so everyone wins. :)

but the point of Mantle is to

but the point of Mantle is to avoid having to release archaic man-in-the-middle driver optimisations for hundreds of different games on thousands of different hardware configurations 0_o like good job nvidia for justifying amd's investment?

ah but you forget Nvidia

ah but you forget Nvidia tends to get their drivers out faster, often having good driver support before the game is even released. so really it was just to gloss over AMD's lazy driver support than. BUT, in reality it was actually an attempt to beat Nvidia in graphics speed, which sadly has failed. Mantle interested me at the start but early on it was clear it wasn't going to get a wide enough user base at the start. so enjoy your not waiting for drivers for 3 games hope its worth it

So constant driver updates

So constant driver updates and optimisations to not have dreadful performance and graphical issues that break other games just to have bigger numbers than the competition (note that they don't measure frame time variance or graphical fidelity, just FPS, which is only a single measure of performance and not the make-or-break it was two decades ago) is better than having developer-centric optimisations that allow them to optimise performance and quality in areas of their games that they believe matter? Well, okay then, but thats an ignorantly limited metric through which to say that Mantle (and by extension DirectX 12's windwos-only closer-to-the-metal API changes) are a failure.

issues with 8800gt, but fine

issues with 8800gt, but fine with older nvidia cards: -thief, system shock-2: glitches. -Outcast: no fullscreen scaling. -screen tearing on some older emulators like Gens, and some older games, no matter what vsync/buffer settings I had. _______ issues with both nvidia/ati but fine with intel integrated graphics: -baldur's gate 1: glitches without software blts. -xcom ufo gold edition: too fasssst _______ some have community fixes, but nothing from nvidia/ati.

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