PC Gaming Alliance To Launch PC Game Certification Program In March

The PC Gaming Alliance announced today that it has nearly finalized its PC game certification program and that the program is on track to launch in March 2014.

The platform-agnostic program aims to set a common standard for PC games technical and design quality in order to strengthen consumers' confidence in the platform. Participating in the program is voluntary with subsidized certification fees of $500 for non-PCGA members. The alliance can also help developers in testing their games for an extra $2000 fee.

Games that pass PCGA certification requirements will be allowed to brandish its certification logo on its retail box and in its menus.

PCGA is doing its best to make the certification as flexible as possible, but not too flexible that the program would become meaningless.

"We don't need to have it completely locked down and so restrictive," explained PCGA president Matt Ployhar. "We don't need to tell people, 'This is your minimum configuration.' But, you still need to hit a certain quality bar." For example, games that have a console version will have to run at 720p @ 30 fps and have controller support.

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pc gaming alliance

pc gaming alliance is an industry organization that has gaming companies as members. this is an attempt to get these game developers to offer at least the same quality of video and fps as consoles like xbox and even the playing field for pc gamers


So what r you saying? That PCs don't have as good graphics as consoles? LOL NOT! More like this is catering to those people whose' computers are cheap Crap and don't know it. It only evens the playing field for those who don't know better. Its an educational platform for people to understand what class their PC is in.


Indeed 9/11 sure changed the way governments protect their citizens.....hmmm lets change the way we data mine! Oh wait never mind the damn terrorists took over a 747, its like flying an "Austin Allegro" no wonder they crashed. Yes yes still sad all those lives lost, but many years today.....hmmm lets make skinnier seats! Next they will add an ejection system or even air bags.

Isn't this just another

Isn't this just another quango? --- Another company looking to be seen as being on the consumers side when the reality is that it will change nothing considering it is a "voluntary" program? ------ What we need is to get back to those times when a game is pretty much finished, WITHOUT game breaking bugs or glitches. ----- Perhaps that's why the PC is losing so much ground to consoles. People still believe that bugs and glitches aren't as prevalent on consoles as they are on the PC. Even though nothing could be further from the truth.

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