Player Calls Real Life SWAT On His Call Of Duty Victor

A few helicopters, more than 60 officers and several members of the Nassau County's special operations unit surrounded Rafael Castillo's house for two hours after he admitted to killing his mother and possibly others.

Problem is, that admission was made by a sore Call of Duty loser who impersonated 17 years old Rafael and told the police through on Skype that "I just killed my mother and I might shoot more people."

Needless to say, the police arrived to the house to find Rafael's mother and brother safe and sound. In fact, the boy himself was not aware of all the commotion that happened under his window as he was still immersed in his CoD session and had his headphones on.

Interestingly enough, the prank caller informed Rafael about what he was going to do before contacting the police. "Some guy threatened to swat him. He was pissed that he had lost," Castillo's brother, Jose, told The Post.

"We went and checked out the place and there was nothing there," a police officer admitted. "It sucked up a lot of resources, caused traffic problems. It turned out to be a hoax."

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Knowing more than one

Knowing more than one language is no excuse for spelling like a child. If you can't handle knowing more than 1 language properly then maybe you shouldn't study a second one, or maybe you shouldn't assume that you speak more than one language until you can spell and form phrases correctly in both. PS: english isn't my first language either

Jesus people are stupid....

Jesus people are stupid.... How did this even allowed to be put up here. It is NOT possible to trace someones real world physical address with an IP address. An IP address leads back to the ISP. At most an IP address will show you what country a person lives, if they are with a BIG ISP. Providing they are not using a proxy. If they are with some small local ISP you might even find what city they live in. IP address leads to ISP, in order for you to get an address from ISP you need to request a voluntary disclosure, if they refuse you, then go through the courts. It is a lengthy process... and you will more than likely fail to get the address via the court unless it was a case to do with fraud, child pornography, or defamation site. A quick bloody google search would of told you all this and some common sense.

True enough, even though it's

True enough, even though it's possible to get the address from the ISP they won't make it easy. IMO in cases like this a court should quickly issue an order for address disclosure to the authorities. You don't want impunity to encourage things like this.

What makes you think the guy

What makes you think the guy isn't 18 or older? You don't actually believe only 12 year olds play CoD do you? Also, even if such a law existed, we'd need mass surveillance to enforce it. God I hate you so much already and I know nothing about you.


You fell prey to political satire. But you have to admit, this is a prank only a child would consider. This crap is what sets precedents for over reaching laws.

You clearly have no idea what

You clearly have no idea what people are capable of, especially on the internet. This is nothing in comparison of what's been done many times before. You should read a bit about real trolling. A lot of people have the mindset of a child their entire lives, simple as that.

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