PlayStation 3 Is Hacked And There Is Nothing Sony Can Do About It

In December 2010, fail0verflow hacking group managed to extract the PlayStation 3 encryption keys, allowing them to sign homebrew and copied games as originals. This hack remained live until March 2011 when Sony released PS3 Firmware 3.60 which managed to plug that hole.

Now however, it seems that hackers have managed to put their hands on the final piece of the puzzle; the one that ensures that the system is compromised forever and that there is nothing Sony can do about it.

More precisely, the console’s LV0 encryption keys have been extracted and released to the public. The LV0 is the loader that verifies and loads other loaders during the console’s boot sequence. With the LV0 key in hand, hackers now can decrypt and modify any new PS3 firmware.

The LV0 was extracted by a hacking group called “The Three Musketeers” who decided not to release it. However, after another Chinese hacking group managed to steal the key from them and used it to develop and sell BlueDiskCFW for profit, the team got enraged and decided to release the key publicly.

This opens the door for the development of PS3 custom firmware and dual boot loaders among other things.

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"when will you ever learn that you can't tell peeps what to do with peeps own ****?" - When people start acting up on it. Out of millions of ps3 owners how many have hacked it? Very few at best? Downloading hacks doesn't make you a hacker, you're still doing only what others allow you to do with your own device. Sheeple...

very good, i am now

very good, i am now installing that CFW to my ps3. is very good i must say, i can now play all downloaded gamez without the need to patch it first, isnt that sweet? now i cant wait for the release of Assasin Creed 3, its out on xbox 360, but i want ps3, since i dont like xbox to have 2 dvd. most of visitor here in megagames is iso downloader anyway, hypocrite can go stick this lovely CFW up they ****

PS3 Must be Hacked

While this is little set back for sony in terms of game think that BOOST Console Sale the immediate step sony can take is increase price of CONSOL simple that can't be hacked Any way PS3 is now **** POOR OLD with that custom NVIDIA 9800GT its too old man see NVIDIA moved to GTX690 a true POWER HOUSE pc Graphics are hitting new hights and POOR PS3 still gives only good 720P and Psudo 1080p with smartly downgraded texures I don understand whole to gather point of CoNSole you can use console controller with PC and PC can be Hell Multitasker and useful gadget why do anyone on earth ivest in console other then KIDS who really don see beyond small box hooked to TV which iventually taken over multiple times during intense game play for some idiot soap opera or sports game on TV. where do console make sense Go for handheld will you buy ******* VITA with only handfull of titles where you can buy Sony Experia U in much less hit on your pocket and with FULL FUNCTIONAL MULTIMEDIA DEVICE + PHONE+ Game Consol+ PDA why to go on console??

i will be glad to abandoned

i will be glad to abandoned console if any person on pc can emulate the games, but no, console is on old hardware true, but most the games u cant find on pc. man, i just want to download my games peacefully. tell me if u can get ps3 and xbox games on pc, i love my dolphin emu that can play wii.. and thanks to it, i dont need to buy wii to enjoy many ISOs that i download.


The one and only reason I would consider installing a CFW on my PS3 is for emulating older consoles. I would love to play all the old games on my huge tv. I installed a CFW on my PSP and have about 300-400 emulated games on it. Some may call that piracy but that's bs. You can no longer buy any of those games and the companies that developed them are no longer making money off of their sales, heck, most of those companies are no longer in business anyways. I'm completely against downloading pirated copies of games because it hurts the game developers, but I see no harm in having emulators for systems that are no longer being developed for.

The arguments over the

The arguments over the reasons for hacking a PS3 is really a mute point anyway. It's more true to say that the all the reasons highlighted in both the article and the subsequent comments go hand in hand and in the end, all the reasons are true.


I predict this nonsense will also speed up production of the PS4 to a faulty degree. Also they might just throw out more DRM's with software detection.


Installing new OS's will be great. YOU own it so you should be allowed to do as you wish. You already bought the **** thing didn't you. If this allowed people to play XBOX games or use it as a hacked cable box then That's something worth complaining about. Any *****-**** happy about available piracy opportunities can just screw off then pound sand. There's Gamefly and used game sources for your cheap Console fix. Pirating robs those who made them game of money......they have less money they make less games.....they makes less games and you're a ******. BTW thank you Megagames for having a non-lame Captcha.


Read this about ps3 hacking. The more Sony strips away from the console, the more they desearve to be hacked. No backwards ps2 compatibility and no possibility of playing homebrew like emulators, having otherOS (ps3 as a pc, like they claimed) or media players are the most compelling arguments for me not buying a ps3.


When the slim ps3 was released, they took the hardware emulation chip out of the console, that's what we're talking about. Sure, the first versions of the ps3 had it, and that was a plus to make us willing to buy it, showing Sony had some good will. But without it, seems like a clear message to us customers that we have to tag along with what they do. No thanks, we're not sheep.


I am happy about it not for pirating cause i dont condone it but cause i can now play almost all my ps3 games with my vita and maybe create a custom interface for ps3 plus ive been toying around with an idea [android runing on ps3 ] or viseversa lol if linux can run, an android build shouldnt be imposible plus it might run better tons o homebrew maybe a new browser with true flash suport..not all hackers are lowlifes some of us just want to improve rather then steal

if you really think...

...that someone buying games in a legitimate manner which in turn finances game developers, the people that create your beloved games, is an idiot, you need some help as something is clearly wrong in your head...


I keep reading more and more about Chinese hackers dropping deuce in the punchbowl. It's really becoming a buzz kill. "Yes because pirated games is the only reason to hack a PS3." "is" relates to "reason" which is singular, not "games"

Yes because pirated games is

Yes because pirated games is the only reason to hack a PS3. The reason it was hacked in the first place was to put OtherOS back onto the system which Sony removed. You might want to wipe that drool from your mouth. Obviously conscious thought is foreign to you. The fact that you managed to even type one word with correct spelling as absolutely astounding.

proper grammar please

Yes because pirated games are the only reason to hack a PS3. you have an "IS" where an "ARE" should be. The top one is correct, the bottom is incorrect. Obviously correct grammar is foreign to you. Yes because pirated games is the only reason to hack a PS3.


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