PlayStation 4 Official Release Date Announced

Sony has finally announced the official PlayStation 4 release date. The console will be released in North America on November 15th, 2013 with European launch following on November 29th, 2013.

The company also promised that PlayStation 4 will be available in 32 countries before the end of the year. The console will retail for $399/€399/£349.

For comparison, Microsoft originally planned to release Xbox One in 21 countries simultaneously before being forced to postpone launch in 8 countries to "as soon as possible in 2014."

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Anyone realize that - good

Anyone realize that - good computer or best computer, you are still playing the same game. Besides a slight difference in appearance the game is identical on both pc's. Did everyone follow that? I'm sure the educated did.

no reason to own a ps4, its

no reason to own a ps4, its upgraded ps3. ps4 will never use its full spec, just like ps3 and ps2. sony = garbage. dont forget these ******* theyr indina givers. xbox 1 is much better. pc will always be better, expensive but better. console is old age tech. spend that 400$ in something else.

Someone is jealous they can

Someone is jealous they can only afford to play on PC and can't get another platform? Otherwise why waste your time with checking this out and then going out of your way to leave a comment as if you're trying to keep people from getting one?


...i don't understand why everyone always banters on the comments section. PC's are great machines, they are expensive (for a decent gaming rig). But they are awesome. They are also upgradable, with more cost, they can be future ready, unless the life cycle of your hardware is at it's end. Also, most games you can mod on a PC which makes them even sweeter.That being said, PC's are awesome.... However, if you don't give a rats *** about modding, upgrading yearly, bi-yearly, or tri-yearly, then obviously a console would be better. I find PC's are more like hobbies. Some people just don't care about the upgrading and knowing all the upgrades and specs. WHO F&#^$ING CARES! Both PC's and Consoles are great because we can play games on them...Specs are frigan useless when visually there are minor differences. It's getting to the point where people are braging about being able to see dirt in their players fingernails (an example) that makes it a better game on PC when the physics and dynamics are identical on both. P.S. I don't care if my grammer or spelling is incorrect, Grammar-Nazi's need not comment.

I have no idea what makes you

I have no idea what makes you think physics are the same in different platforms. Physics requires just as many calculations as graphics if not more, furthermore they can be offloaded to the gpu (that's why PhysX exists) just like graphics. Then there's the matter of games being cheaper on the PC, even if the hardware is more expensive PCs are cheaper in the long run so it's not a simple matter of preference.

Did the console fans also

Did the console fans also forget many people out there may not have a 1080p big tv to use their new console on? To enjoy that PS4 or XboX One you may also require a reasonably Recent HD TV to enjoy it to full extent.

PS4 and XBOX are bad PCs

Both Xbox an the PS4 have PC hardware inside them (AMD's specifically ). Therefore we CAN compare them. Yes the games, software and hardware will be optimized but don't think that console can play games at full specs. They prolly play them at mid-high. PC on the other hand i bought a nice motherboard like sabertooth 990fx (that was 3 years ago for about 170-190 euros) and today i can replace the HD5700 series for a GTX 690 or ADD 2 more graphics cards (if the power supply supports them) and i can play anything i want at FULL details. APUs still suck but once they get better they will worth their money. My pc costed about 400 - 475 euros 4yrs ago (i changed 2 motherbords as i was still noob back then). My monitor (1280*1024) and HDD (160GB ) are older 6yrs but if u add a screen on the price it will be + ~200 (1920*1280) for the monitor and +100 for 1TB disk. My pc survived 3 gens of Xbox(original,360,one). Consoles are a ghost from when PC GPUs and CPUs where week and home television was better than small pc monitors. captcha: gimme pizza (i are hungry now!!! :P)

Poor AMD.

Yeah WTF are those idiots thinking? Intel & Nvidia whip their ***** constantly. I love AMD for their superior price/performance ratio but WTF? Nvidia moves into smartphones (a rapidly growing market) & AMD picks up the console spoils (a rapidly dying market)? C'mon guys, get a clue. I hope you're foreign SomeGuy.

Your right it has almost

Your right it has almost everything, EXCEPT an average pc hardware specification able to compete with the new gen consoles when it comes to games. Also if your a gamer with $400 to spend then PS4 offers a much better visual experience over PC's - FACT.

Your Facts Are UnFactual

Everyone makes the same **** stupid argument when it comes to gaming computers vs. consoles. You cannot and should not EVER compare a crap Walmart computer to a gaming console - FACT Look at it this way... Most folks say that they "NEED" a computer. Why not open the pocket book and get a decent computer? Once that's done, you can say, alright, now I want to play video games. I have $400 to blow. If you were smart and purchased a DECENT COMPUTER to begin with rather than a throw away big-box store pile of crap, it's a no brainer. Add a *****-fudgin' video card to your decent computer and BAM!!! You've got yourself a work horse PC with the ability to stomp the ****, corn and all, out of ANY console, current gen or next -FACT

But thats the point isnt it.

But thats the point isnt it. The two are uncomparable. Its like comparing a sports car to a saloon. They are both cars, taking you from point a to point b but one is excessively expensive and gets there faster. So I see nothing wrong with the statement I made. Its a FACT that you can't build a pc to compare with the PS4 or Xbox One for the same amount of cash.


While it's true that you can't build a good enough PC for the price of a console you really shouldn't limit yourself to that, it's a very layman-like view. A gaming PC is much cheaper than a console when you consider game costs over time. Individually PC games aren't cheaper however some of the popular digital game stores have AWESOME deals which no bargain bin can ever hope to beat. The latest one from humble bundle offers bf3, dead space 3, sims 3, dead space 1, mirrors edge, medal of honor and burnout paradise for $5. If you build yourself a gaming pc soon you'll also be able to take advantage of steam's and gog's cristmas sales, I'm not sure about origin and desura as I'm just a new user in those platforms but maybe they have sales too. If you like boxes then have fun burning cash for painted pieces of cardboard and plastic disks. As for the difficulty of maintaining a PC functional, well first it's not difficult, second if it proves challenging to you make sure you get an nvidia gpu and download nvidia experience, it makes updating drivers and using optimal game settings a breeze for people who don't want to be bothered fiddling with things.

But thats the point isnt it.

But thats the point isnt it. The two are uncomparable. Its like comparing a sports car to a saloon. They are both cars, taking you from point a to point b but one is excessively expensive and gets there faster. So I see nothing wrong with the statement I made. Its a FACT that you can't build a pc to compare with the PS4 or Xbox One for the same amount of cash.

Stop talking ******* ****,

Stop talking ******* ****, even without the operating system costs you cant do it, unless you opt for second hand. I live in UK and tried last week as was bored- I didnt buy a screen and or windows. Spent £400 (not dollars) and the pc I buillt APU 6800K dual crossfire 8gb DDR3 2400 even when overclocked it struggles at 720 with latest games on hi detail. Now Im sure if software was optimised for the setup it would be better - BUT ITS NOT, so the next gen consoles have a place and I for one hope they both do well. Anyhow PC owners should be happy, I know I am - finally some games will now be developed to take advantage of more than a couple of cores and threads! Watch AMD optimized games start to beat and catch up with the Intels and Nvidia snobbs lol.

"A" for effort but you're wrong

While it is very true that next gen consoles are "under-powered" when it comes to a decent computer, it is NOT true that you could build a "GAMING PC" for that little amount of cash. That's a stupid comparison to make anyway. Computers are MORE than gaming machines, period. People don't do their shopping on Amazon or eBay using a console. People don't pay their bills online using a console. People don't write book reports or create flyers or scrapbook on a console. You absolutely CANNOT group the two in that sense. A computer is a "MULTI-PURPOSED" investment. Besides, gaming consoles are running optimized operating systems with gaming in mind. Computers rely on DirectX or OpenGL to drive graphics as well as a primary O.S. to do all of the other neat-o things that your console cannot do, or at least cannot do very well.

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