PlayStation Phone Is Finally Official

After being rumored for so long, Sony Ericsson's PlayStation Phone has finally been revealed to be the Xperia Play.

The phone was revealed yesterday through a U.S. Super Bowl ad which ended with a "PlayStation Certified" logo, along with the familiar PlayStation square, circle, triangle and X buttons.

It is worth noting that the phone doesn't appear to have any PlayStation logos on its body.

Shortly after the ad aired, a Facebook page was launched dedicated to the Xperia Play. The page asks fans to "Tune in on Sunday and witness a new era in the world of smartphones", along with a time and date for each region, including Sunday 13th February 10:00 a.m. PST for the US.

The Xperia Play is not the PSP successor which was revealed recently by Sony under the codename NGP (short for Next Generation Portable).

We believe that the Xperia Play might be the first in a series of phones carrying the "Playstation Certified" seal.

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Isn't it time we stop giving two shits about these endless phones that come out. Yawn. So they design a phone that looks like a psp2 Yawn. Sad thing, half you sheep will probably go out and buy one even though there are endless phones out there already.

Boring. I spit on this phone and the sheep who keep buying endless phones.

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