Portuguese Retailer Probably Leaked GTA: V PC Version Release Date

In an interview with the Portuguese Codigo Fonte, Nuveem digital games distribution director Thiago Diniz claimed that the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will be released on March 12th, 2014.

As usual, Rockstar Games did not comment on "rumors and speculations."

While not officially acknowledged yet, it is no secret that the PC version of Rockstar's mega-successful open world action adventure is in production. Last August, Chris Evenden, NVIDIA’s Senior Director of Investor Relations, revealed that it was set for release in Fall 2013 before retracting his comment as a misunderstanding.

Later on In October, Dave Thier of Forbes.com confirmed that the PC version would be available soon but gave no expected date.

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Who cares, the sales are not going to be all that because the game sucks, worst gta so far. Then they are going to blame it on piracy for bad sales for a bad game.

Release dates aren't set in

Release dates aren't set in stone, if something happens like a critical bug appearing they can fix it properly. If they disclose a release date and the same bug appears they'd have to push the date back to fix it or release an unplayable game, in either case they'd have to deal with near infinite amounts of whinning kids. So they keep it a secret to stop people like you from getting too vocal.

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