PS4 Share Play Sessions Limited To 60 Minutes Each

Speaking to Famitsu Weekly, Sony's head of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that PS4 Share Play feature will be rolled out with the release of PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0.

Share Play allows friends to play their friends' PS4 games remotely without owning a separate copy. This is done through game streaming technology similar to the one used in PlayStation Now, so all progress and achievements will be stored on the game owner's account rather than the borrower's. Essentially, the system is designed to mimic visiting a friend over the internet.

Share Play requires no special support from game developers. Once firmware 2.0 is installed, the feature will be available for all games except the ones that use PlayStation Camera.

Each Share Play session will be limited to 60 minutes, but there is no limit on the number of sessions a friend can play a game.

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Wait. What the hell is their

Wait. What the hell is their to hate about this? If someone just showed up with a new game they can instantly give me access to it and convince me that its good right? Like how I didn't care about Destiny at all till I was given a beta code and that changed my mind completely. Damn, grown folks crying over something they don't care about? lol


I hope they have an opt out feature for both of you - why on earth you wouldn't want access to a friends library of games escapes me. Personally I'm all for it - 60 min sessions is better than nothing.

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