Reports Claim Dashboard Update Will Enable Kinect Finger Tracking

Rumors among experts have it that Microsoft is working hard to release a dashboard update that'll increase Kinect's precision to the point of detecting finger movements and hand rotation.

In its current state, Kinect cannot detect such minute features because its depth sensor operates at a limited resolution of 320*240 at 30 frames per second. According to online reports, the depth sensor actually operates at a higher resolution, but has to downscale it before sending it to the console in order to limit the data transfer rate to 16 MB/s .

Said 16 MB/s is actually less than the console's USB port's maximum throughput of 35 MB/s. Microsoft couldn't give Kinect a higher transfer rate in order to allow other USB devices to be connected simultaneously.

According to the reports, Microsoft researchers are working on better compression algorithms and USB port switching technology that would allow the depth sensor to transmit its data at 640*480 resolution without flooding the USB port.

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"Moore's Law" is not a "law"....

It was a trend & has now become a self fulfilling prophecy. Electronic capability now grows @ a rate that is profitable, not practical. It's why video games suck so much right now. It's more profitable & easier to dev' on one shitty, limited device than many different robust & evolving ones. Of course then you run into problems like, "Oh it's a piece of shit for everything we didn't design it for on top of being a piece of shit for what we did & now some limitation won't permit us to expand its capabilities to keep up w/new, profitable trends & ideas". They didn't consider motion control because they figured as long as the less obsolete than the Wii but still far more obsolete than the PC hardware they put in them would be enough to improve the graphics above the Wii & that that was all that's necessary. Oops, shitty games on shitty hardware are shitty games on shitty hardware, no matter what their GPU can draw. Too bad every game on the PC has to suck ass 'cuz it was dev'ed for a shitty obsolete console & ported. PCs get the dummied down games that were dev'ed for garbage hardware instead of the consoles getting the dummy version 'cuz they can't handle the way it's meant to be played.

Just a bit more for sony to deal with...

So now that whiny '320x240' sony engineer can suck it up. The cameras do capture at higher resolutions, the limitation seems to be the console's USB. That could mean the ps3's USB is quite similar, sony just didn't think about compressing the data even more before sending.

I suppose it would be too much to ask to let the console control that. Increase or decrease precision based on how many USB devices are connected and average transfer rate.

Also they said 'throughput', so we have computer scientists working on it (it's the proper term when the physical layer is abstracted), yay!

They should of equipped a

They should of equipped a Firewire 800 port. PS2 had an iLink port. You think newer consoles would have the data transfer side covered. Microsoft has been a computer company for how many years, and consoles are becoming more and more like computers. I believe they are capable of so much more, maybe they're already there but are taking it slow as to make more money in the long run. There's a law that state computers must double in speed every 6 months, that basically means, you better keep up with the future. Sounds like consoles are becoming computers for that reason now too. Think about it..

Don't think so much, read more

"They should of equipped a Firewire 800 port"

For what reason? Back in 2003/2004 (when our current consoles were being designed) both MS and Sony believed motion controllers would fail. They had absolutely no reason to plan for what we have now, and adding a component just because 'its better' is a good reason in a kid's mind only. That's not how business works.

If you look back now you can easily say they should have, but you fail to see things as others did back then. Maybe if the fanboys had been less fanboys and had voiced their desire for motion controllers instead of just bashing the wii, they would have added a port because there would be potential customers for that already.

"PS2 had an iLink port"

Yes and it was hardly used. Gave them all the more reason not to add one.

"Microsoft has been a computer company for how many years"

Zero years (a few at most, if you're feeling kind), microsoft doesn't manufacture computers nor components. The Xbox was their first computer-like product. MS is mostly a software company.

"There's a law that state computers must double in speed every 6 months"

There is no such law. There is, however, moore's law which states the amount of trasistors on an integrated circuit doubles every two years without substantial price increase. But twice the transistors does not mean twice the speed, and its 2 years, not 6 months. It's also estimated that without some major breakthrough in semi-conductor technology moore's law will come to an end by 2015.

"Sounds like consoles are becoming computers for that reason now too. Think about it.."

No, consoles are becoming computers because companies want them to become the hub of your living room. More like a media center you can play games on, browse the internet and maybe even use for online shopping. Basically a way to keep track of what you do and like so they can use and/or sell your profile to marketing companies and other interested parties. You know what they say, knowledge is power.

I couldn't have said it better myself

Only thing I'd like to add is that since consoles are becoming more like PCs, they certainly seem to fuck up even more than Windows, then it would make more sense & be more beneficial to just use a PC as the "hub". Instead of these heavily limited pieces of gimmicky shit that they try to expand the capabilities of after it's too late. The PCs people already had in their homes when these piece of shit consoles were conceived were faster & more versatile than these consoles will ever be. No one thought 3D was going to come on so strong either. The PS3 struggles w/it & the 360 couldn't even think about it, but PCs make it possible & do it w/ease. If Kinect were available for a PC even w/USB 2.0 it'd handle 20X more data than Kinect requires for finger recognition. A 360 doesn't even play BDs for fucksakes!!! Entertainment hub? What a fucking joke!! Nothing beats the power of a PC & nothing ever will. What goes around, comes around & all you console tards have PC tech to thank for those obsolete boxes you wasted your money on. My PC plays HD video, plays games faster & better than anything, in 3D, surfs the net, photo & video edits, word processes, video conferences, prints documents, plays music, rewinds, pauses & records TV, serves networks, maps genes & designs buildings + lots more. WTF does your console do? Draws a cartoon character of you in a little kids game riding a raft down a river?

Fucking joke. These things will soon be replaced w/the next big gimmick that they'll call "future proof" only to have the PC come along & shatter their expectations of the future again.

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