Respawn Is Preparing To Crack On Titanfall Cheaters

If you're fed up with cheaters using aim-bots in the PC version of Titanfall, rest assured that Respawn is aware of the problem and plans to deal with it real soon.

"Finding cheaters in Titanfall? So are we. We're logging them now and they will be rooted out shortly," the company tweeted.

The Xbox One version of the game seems to be cheat-free, at least until now.

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xbox 360 cheat to xbox one

i love the way the xbox one was designed makes it virtual impossible to cheat on and love it no more flash drive hacking and online file check from cloud keep it up have to be connected after 30 mins to an hour


how does a console even be able to cheat? why play a game to cheat? proves nothing. Proves that you can't play games and you need to move over to find and seek games.

When I read the title I was

When I read the title I was thought yeah right, then PC came to mind. Now days you can pretty much cheat with anything. I sometimes wonder if the guys hating the console with so much rage are the ones cheating on PC, because the possibilities are endless.


Hopefully they don't actually ban legit players. A lot of people will say your using an aimbot when you have you setup properly. A kid using a controller will constantly accuse someone using a mouse of aimboting because on the replay they can't imagine that someone can aim like that. I haven't seen any aimbotting personally but I do hope they deal with it. However I think there is more of a problem with spawn camping then there is aimbotting.


Honestly multiplayer games need to die already, the age of Quake legions is over. We should subscribe to either single player or mmo models not the wonky cliche from the nineties.

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