Robin Williams' WoW tribute leaked

When Robin Williams passed away last week, there were a lot of calls for tributes and lasting homages to the actor and comedian. While there were a few different real world tributes proposed, like the bench he sat upon in Good Will Hunting having a statue of him built upon it, there were also a lot of petitions for digital tributes since Williams was an avid gamer.

One call came from World of Warcraft fans, as Williams was known to be a big fan of the MMO and it looks like Blizzard has come through for them. Found hidden in the Warlords of Draenor beta built includes information on three characters all linked to a single entity: Robin the Entertainer.

It looks like each guise will represent a different one of Williams' famous characters, with a male and female (postulated by some to be Mork and Mrs Doubtfire) and a third, a Djin, which is suggested could very well be the Genie that is perhaps William's most iconic role, especially for younger generations of fans.

It's not clear at this time whether they will be separate characters, or if perhaps Blizzard will cycle through them at different times or places.

It seems like a touching tribute however, one that I'm sure Mr Williams would be pleased with.

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Clearly you can't even spell or use grammar properly so please go back to school before you moan and complain on a gaming forum. Better yet go cry to your shrink - we don't need your childish, hate speech here over somebody who actually brought a smile to millions. Thanks

i commented on him because

i commented on him because what moron judge a person by movies? its a job aka money. i can careless for his comment bout his death but to trash someone about his work? .... tool u spend too much time on a screen


And this is exactly why i stopped playing wow long ago, the difficulty and needing actual team work dissapears, and all this family friendly robin Williams type garbage was introduced. P.s . They should give him a tribute that he deserves and ppl will actually laugh at, have him hanging by a belt in the empty bedroom by the bank in storm wind... Seriously when was the last "decent" movie by him? notice I didn't use the word good but decent... 15+ years ago?

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