Rumors: PS4 Blocks Used Games And Not Backward Compatible

The first round of rumors regarding the PlayStation 4 carries a lot of unwelcome news for gamers.

There is nothing surprising in the expected technical details. The PlayStation 3 successor, currently codenamed "Orbis" is expected to sport an AMD CPU and GPU that'll make it capable of running stereoscopic 3D games at full 1080p HD (unlike the PS3 which limits 3D games to 720p resolution). The GPU's maximum resolution will be 4096x2160 which is also the maximum resolution achieved by HD TVs shown during this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

A big negative for the upcoming console is that it ties games to a single PSN account, hence limiting the ability to resell used games. Under this system, second hand games will run in demo or trial mode unless they pay a fee to unlock the full game.

Additionally, it is rumored that the upcoming PlayStation console will not be backward compatible with current PlayStation 3 games.

The last bit of rumor circulating today is that Orbis/PS 4 will be released during the 2013 Holidays season. It is worth noting that Sony's CEO Kaz Hirai has stated clearly that they won't reveal any new consoles during E3 in June 2012.

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I heard that video games were

I heard that video games were the fastest growing, or one of the fastest growing markets. That means that plenty of money is being made. The problem is idiots try to mess with a good thing to make it more profitable but end up making it worse. It is not broken, so don't try fixing it by making used games a pain in the ass. Or you might end up with more pirated games. Then you will try to fix the pirated games, and end up hurting the legitimate users. It's seems simple, but i guess money makes people stupid. :S good thing i have none :D

Well that's what has happened

Well that's what has happened to the PC games market, I don't buy as many games as I used to. It wasn't broken either, but what is there now does nothing for us the gamers. It makes us more cynical with the games that are available - Poorer quality, too short (although that depends on the game), handle too much like console games, bugs (lots of bugs), incomplete games, etc. Of course there will always be some level of piracy, but with the way things are now, I personally think it just drives more people to piracy. "If I cannot have the option to play the game as I want, you are not going to get my money" attitude - which is correct for most part and I agree with it, there has to be some sort of give and take involved from all parties. Unfortunately there is not at this moment.

I'm sick of hearing that

I'm sick of hearing that developers don't make money on used games. It's a stupid thing to say because the REAL money made by games is not rewarded to any developer of that game. It's rewarded to fat cats that don't have anything to do with the game. So any time i hear someone saying "think of the developer" i think its bullshit. If a game cost $5 million to make is it produces $50 million it does not mean the development team makes any extra money. It means the fat cats were really happy of got to have extra cake, or some fancy car. If the money actually made it to the developers pockets it would be a different story. And considering it is usually those same fat cats that fuck up a game or two for foolish reasons i really don't care to hear about how much they are worried about making.

If you only game on one

If you only game on one machine, than you don't qualify as a "hardcore" gamer. Playing cod or WC everyday doesn't make you a hardcore gamer, That's just an addict. Each console/pc has amazing exclusives that every gamer should have the joy in playing. 360 halo GOW Alan Wake, ps3 gow 3 uncharted 2 3 heavy rain, wii most Mario games or Nintendo licensed titles.

Fan Anyway

I've been a fan of Sony since they came out with a console. Every company does things for money, i'm sick of people acting like they would do different if in that position. Sony sells electronics for money. Owning and running a company isn't just doing everything the consumer want's, if that was the case no company would last very long, because consumers want everything to come easy and cheap. so if you don't like it don't buy it plain as that. What people need to understand is that every second hand game yields the development company nothing and it costs a lot to make a game, so if everyone bought second hand games, the game studio would close down or have to cut back on graphics and other stuff that people like, then ya'll would complain about not having quality games to play.


How do you suggest everyone only buys second hand games? Didn't someone purchase it first? Therefore second hand sales only effect games that no one wanted to keep in the first place. Possibly if they focused on making better games I wouldn't be tempted to sell them second hand rather than keep them. Wanting proceeds from second hand sales without contributing further effort towards the product is absurd, car manufacturers don't get extra money from every person that hires a car. The initial sale was in full for the good or service, the owner of said good (not so much service) can then do with it as he pleases. Otherwise games are no different to the old arcade style games pay to play or worst keep paying to keep playing. Nothing more than greed.


bs!!! dont you mean publishers the developers already got their paycheck when the game came out!!!maybe just maybe the developer might get a royalty on each game sold but for some reason I doubt it.

yeah right...

sony will fail... blah blah blah.
if the world runs as we say it should in talkbacks then Apple would be out of business already for their dodgy practices, Sony would have failed already, We`d have all moved to linux and so on and so on..
but as a *market* we don`t, so shut your yap.

**** this if they do block

Fuck this if they do block used games from being played that means that lots of people will loose their jobs, and this might push lots of people to piracy, unless they don't buy the console at all. And why would anyone buy a new console to play old games? And no not just because you can.


will love sony and follow the flock. Free thinking, intelligent people will realize that the more people buy into this whore of a company the more they will whore you. For example, their awful eula and also their price fixing campaign to shut down importers that further cheat the consumer from saving money.


So it's okay for journalists

So it's okay for journalists to publish information without any source or any evidence to back it up, just because they've called it a 'rumor'?
In that case journalists can say anything so long as they claim there's a rumor about it somewhere?
Megagames haven't even listed any sources for where the 'rumors' are circulating, let alone where they've come from...

Not too surprised

If the used games rumor is true I'm not too surprised. It's happened to the PC game market, where we all know there are fewer and fewer games that are resellable and most require accounts in "name that system of choice". It was only a matter of time as to when it would happen for PS (and the rest). The only thing that does surprise me is that it has taken so long for it to happen. All the next gen consoles will more then likely be the same. They want to kill the used games market.


I'm just glad you called that kid out on saying "gaymers" as if that joke was exclusive to PC gamers or something hahhhaahhaa

For this to work, both

For this to work, both microsoft and sony and even maybe nintendo would have to agree that they all implement blocking used game sales, or else a whole boatload of people would jump ship to the console that didnt block it, including myself.

I agree, im sure they would

I agree, im sure they would have some sort of "genuivea convention" for the consoles wars. No way would one company take such a risk, unless...unless, they trying to attract "Exclusive" developers by promising them the benifets of eliminating second use games.

On completly related news, I

On completly related news, I heard some rumors about rumors being spread with nothing but rumors and unconfirmed stories... *sigh*

Come one guys... wait untill you hear it from an official source, otherwise is just people talking shit about shit they don't know shit about.

Yeah but many console gamers

Yeah but many console gamers game on pc also, so you are actually laughing out of self loathing because you cant afford both, sucks for you. I mean you must be ultra poor. I'm poor and i can afford a good gaming rig plus wii ps3 and 360. Don't know what you're doing wrong.

I can afford food, Its been 5

I can afford food, Its been 5 years, so buying each console over time was simple. And i am a PC and console gamer. Some games work better on pc and some work better on console. Plus why would you want to miss all those triple A exclusives? I mean unless your a little kid, than i forgive you.

I could care less for

I could care less for backward compatibility, I understand the headaches involved to get that going. But im not for the used game thing. I don't buy a lot of used games, but i borrow from friends sometimes.

In other news, Sony is going

In other news, Sony is going to file chapter 11 bankruptcy when this fails.

Seriously, what the fuck are they thinking? I for one will never purchase anything from the markup king of electronics. Samsung offers everything Sony does, at a cheaper price, and has higher quality.

yeah I 100% agree with you!!

yeah I 100% agree with you!! This would honestly be a slap in the face to any Playstation fanboy.... I use to own a PS3 but when the console was hacked by GeoHot and the systems integrity was challenged it allowed morons to modify online play via the usb to their advantages so I left because Microsoft has a more secure online play(not saying hacking cannot and doesn't happen)and if needed you can report people or "avoid" them in the future..... I just hope the Xbox "720" is amazing!


GeoHot NEVER hacked the PS3 to access PSN, that's the bullshit Sony and their minions sell, but nobody buys that shit.
So why don't you get a real job instead of spread Sony's lies (for money) about what hackers really do with the PS3, and NO, GeoHot was not responsible for the PSN hack...


Dude you seriously need to chill out on the conspiracy theories bro! Not everyone is a "inside man" that spreads lies and gets paid for it... Get a real job? define "real job" you idiot.... AND GEORGE DID HACK THE PS3's SECURITY WHICH LEAD TO PSN BEING COMPROMISED! GO EAT A FAT C0CK YA PARANOID WEIRDO!!

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