Scandal in LoL pro scene, match fixing, fraud, suicide attempt

League of Legends is the biggest game in the world at the moment, is the most recognisable face of professional esports and is helping drive it steadfastly towards the mainstream. However, as it gets ever closer to that goal, there's going to be a few speed bumps and people that want to make a quick buck by exploiting others. That's what's been going on with the Korean AHQ esports team in the past few months and it's lead to the attempted suicide of one of the players.

Cheon "Promise" Min-Ku is currently in serious condition and remains in a coma after jumping from a twelve story building. He did this after revealing lots of shady goings on within the AHQ team on the Inven forums (via Reddit) where it was revealed that the manager of the team had lied to everyone involved.

Instead of setting up a team to win, he'd been setting it up to lose, creating fake sponsorships for AHQ players and paying for their accommodation and food with loans. When he couldn't make repayments, he started forcing the team to throw matches, so he could make a killing on side bets and therefore pay off his debts.

Ultimately the situation became so bad, that the manager sold off all of the players' practice equipment, including peripherals and computers. At this point, the team decided unanimously to quit.

Due to the dishonesty and guilt he'd been holding on to and other personal issues, this lead to Min-Ku throwing himself from the top of his building. Fortunately a recycling centre 12 stories below broke his fall and he looks likely to survive. Riot has pledged to help with medical expenses until he's back on his feet and will investigate the match fixing.

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You guys are missing a lot of things.

1) LoL is played like a professional sport in Korea, comparable to any other sport like Baseball, Football etc. 2) This means that they have sponsors, live televised matches, ad campaigns etc. Which also means that the professional players earn a lot of money and can live off their earnings easily. 3) The exact words from the article are: "Due to the dishonesty and guilt he'd been holding on to and other personal issues..." - so there are multiple reasons as to why he tried to commit suicide. The match fixing part being one of the reasons - not the "sole" reason. Take into account the cultural differences when you comment.

I didn't mean that

Ofc, he tried to commit suicide (and failed). But, as said before, LoL wasn't the only reason. I was stating that those players get paid huge amounts of money to play the game. They have built their careers on this. I am pretty sure, that guy wasn't someone with "no life". And secondly, its a suicide dammit, some guy tried to kill himself when he was at a low point in his life and some commenters here are saying "he deserved to die". I simply don't know what to say. Here is an example of a professional player. PS: That does not include his sponsorship earnings from LG.


Hahahahahahaaaaa! ROFLMAO!!!!!! OMFG!!!!! WTF?!!!!!! Over a fucking video game?!!!!! Let him go. He's a scum bag anyway. Good fucking riddance!!!!!! Give your charity to someone who really deserves it. This shit is (CAPTCHA) "beyond me".

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