SEGA Was Hacked After It Reviewed And Updated Its Security

Earlier this week SEGA announced that hackers have compromised its SEGA Pass servers and got unauthorized access to the personal details of some of its 1.3 million users. Interesting enough, this security breach was orchestrated right after the company finished its security audit.

The security audit was performed in wake of the famous PSN breach and it has resulted in several changes to SEGA's security systems; unfortunately, it seems that those changes were not enough. Following the breach, SEGA promised to "further strengthen [its] network security as a priority."

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They don't care about normal

They don't care about normal people, hackers care about other hackers. I say 'care' loosely, they all want to beat each other, prove that they are better than each other. You know, the same as small penis complex except applied to cognitive functions.

another win

im a hacker and its yet another win for us. and ye we woud never do an inside job thats just cheating man. u aint that good then this is just 2 funny :P

You're not a hacker, using

You're not a hacker, using other peoples tools to cause damage or break into other peoples data/websites, is not hacking, the people who made those tools are hackers.
script kitty maybe, poser quite possibly, hacker... no.

Script kiddies cannot hack

Script kiddies cannot hack into major corps such as SEGA with tools available online.

Those that got into SEGA's DB did so using their own coding skills and techniques.

The problem is, you are a stupid idiot.


That's not how hackers work. They enjoy cracking security systems and then bragging about it to fellow hackers, an inside job would just get the guy labelled as a cheater and that's not something an egomaniac would ever want.

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