Select Ubisoft Titles Available For $1 Now

Today at Gamescom 2012, Ubisoft officially launched Uplay PC, an application that serves as a digital distribution platform and central point for PC gamers to connect to Uplay's community and consumer-centric services.

The video game developer and publisher also kicked off a promotion making select Ubisoft PC titles available through Uplay PC for as little as $1 for a limited time.

To encourage players to download and try Uplay PC, Ubisoft is making PC versions of Driver®: San Francisco, From Dust®, Silent Hunter® 5 and Tom Clancy's® H.A.W.X.® 2 available for $1 for a limited time.

Other popular titles -- including Anno 2070™, Assassin's Creed® II, Assassin's Creed® Brotherhood, Assassin's Creed® Revelations, Might & Magic®: Heroes® VI, Tom Clancy's® Splinter Cell Conviction® -- are discounted up to 75%, also for a limited time.

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there are only half a dozen or so $1 games, the rest are discounted up to 75%, so nothing really special there price wise. As for Uplay, are rather u don't cause of drm, have experienced it before now and not particularly excited about that, seeing as there is nothing I personally want to play coming from ubisoft doesn't affect me in the least. As for Origin, which I've suffered through the use of, not impressed by that at all and seeing as EA's customer service so awesome they can't even get automated emails correct, I can't see it being a threat to any other services offered. As for the 9.3million users it has, you can't run an EA game without it, so any sales in the last year are going to result in, according to VGchartz thats a little over 2m for bf3 PC and a little under 600k for me3 PC, so there is over 25% of your users off 2 of their games, as opposed to steams 40m users who use steam despite none of the games being exclusive to that platform

Going based on image, image

Going based on image, image says different from article. If the game was $3.75 + tax + 75% off then it comes to be $1, by then the game must be old and something that no one wants. A good game will hardly drop price.


Origin after just a little while is already dethroning steam, U-play will go no where fast. Won't be long till origin, (which is a larger company) to flat out buy both the other brands flat out. I give it 2 years tops.

Well, you're dead-wrong.

When you consider how many gamers are flat-out IGNORING Origin, you quickly see that your comment is little more than hot air. Have some sources: This site has accurate stats, with Steam having 40 million current users, and consistent 100% growth per year. Here's Origin: 9.3 million. Nowhere near Steam's number, and CERTAINLY nowhere near the revenue Steam generates. As an addition, Origin can't see 100% growth because gamers generally don't need Origin at all, and they don't care for EA's stupid practices. So nice try.

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