Sony Bundles PS4s With $10 Store Credit And 30 Days Of PS Plus

Less than a week away from PlayStation 4's anticipated launch in USA and Canada on November 15th, Sony revealed today a special launch promotion that'll allow early adopters to taste PlayStation Plus and other PS4 online features for free.

As part of the promotion, all PS4 boxes sold in USA and Canada will come with a special voucher that can be redeemed for:

• $10 Sony Entertainment Network wallet credit for PlayStation Store
• 30-day free PlayStation Plus membership trial
• 30-day free Music Unlimited service trial

The $10 credit can be used towards anything in the store including new PS4 launch titles, such as Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, and Killzone Shadow Fall.

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What is wrong with all of you?!

Are you serious in saying "no big deal" now that you have to pay for a service that used to be free? Are you really just setting aside all your entertainment pricinciples for this ****? Wake up and don't buy into any of this, believe me, you will be happier if you just go back to PC now or stick with what you had, because frankly...nothing is changing or getting better in the console realm these days. I implore all of you to consider how much you spend on something that is being built to simply take your hard earned ca$h from you! $400 console, $60 game, $50 annual PSPlus, $720 annual internet (@ $60 avg. p\mon) and if you pay an electric bill you'll average $250-400 annually in electric expense for the gaming are you really cool with paying a minimum of $1,480 for your first year of 'gaming' with only 1 game purchase?! WAKE UP!!!

PC gaming

For the past 15 years I have focused on PC gaming over console. This generation I will be changing for the fact that I have friends that I want to play with. Not everyone can afford multiple computers for all their friends to play on. Going PS4 because Microsoft showed their true colors.

Whats wrong with trying

Whats wrong with trying before you buy? LOL Are you simply ******* stupid? or perhaps a ******* PC elitist who thinks that all console owners are suckers and here simply to wind said people up? Would you rather people simply ******* coughed up for crap or not try, If the service is crap people wont keep it.

wtf ???? give more charge

wtf ???? give more charge less? u do realize that once u stop paying for psn+, ur psn+ bought games wont work right? and they are charging for psn also for about the same price. stupid fools. 10$ credit lol, thats nothing. cheap bribe but hey if it tickles ur ******** its all good. lol 10$ lol thats sumn to be happy about.


Yeah, um, to think that requires some work. If you pay for it you don't have to keep a sub. PS4 can authenticate the game online without having a psn subscription. Just because you don't have a psn subscription doesn't mean your ISP provider will shut down at your house.


Yeah I looked into it after I spoke..... Yeah this is BS. Buy a game and can't play without sub. Sony is ******* themselves. Not enough to keep me from buying one since I like to have a physical copy anyway. Downloaded games suck anyway, can't just up and take them to a friends house.


Sony Gives its Fans More Powerful Hardware on Launch, Higher Resolution Launch Titles, Free Credit on Launch, Free Unlimited music and Plus Membership for a Month all for Free. Now lets have a look @ what Microsoft Gives it Fans, Microsoft Gives its Fans Less Powerful Hardware On Launch, Increased Cost for Inferior Slower Hardware, Lower Resolution Games, No free Member ship No Free Credit No Free + Membership on Launch all that for More Money.Oh and Endless Excuses from Microsoft's Pr Team team. Microsofts Motto, Charge More, Give Less, Sonys Motto, Give More Charge Less. The choice is Easy.

Here you go again, blind as

Here you go again, blind as always. Have fun with your underpowered shitbox while you wait for this cloud gaming to happen. Sounds a lot like "blast processing" to you do realise that internet connections around the world aren't really that great so Microsoft are shooting themselves in the foot!

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