Sony: No PlayStation 4 Announcement At E3

Dispelling rumors that the PlayStation 4 will be unveiled during this year's E3, Sony' Kaz Hirai told the Wall Street Journal the PlayStation 3 is halfway through its lifespan, and that Sony is "not making any announcements at E3."

"I've always said a 10-year life cycle for PS3, and there is no reason to go away from that," he added.

Interestingly, Hirai didn't deny the possibility that PlayStation 4 would be released during PS3's 10 year lifespan. This might look like over-reading into his words, but it is worth noting that PlayStation 3 was released halfway through PlayStation 2's life. PlayStation 2 launched In October 2000, and it still selling strong, more than 11 years later.

In a separate report, Hirai told Bloomberg that - for the foreseeable future - new consoles (such as the PS4) must be disk based. "It's very important that we continue to have a dedicated home-based console," he explained. "Relying solely on networks to deliver content is unfortunately just not possible. It's still very difficult to have consumers download 50 gigabytes of data or more."

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About any future console ...

To everybody...
You just need to analyze the datas.
We got new screenformat (4k),games nowadays sucks big time and you can say that the problem is not hardware capacity but software indeed.Could you imagine just for a minute...add 3D system to the mix and people (as us) do not know what to choose ?
We are lost because we trust the hardware before software ?
Stupid ! Tell me:you prefer to play emulators on your iphone/android or 4 gpu xfire so you can play CSS at 10000 f/s on your PC?
It is like real life here...Inside is more important than outside and we have reach the bottom of it.
My thought is that if there is a new generation of hardware it has to be new in every meanings (hardware,software,joystick).My guess is Virtual Reality,,,
About 4K,HD screens and all...It is better to have a helmet on our head and glasses as screens which are able to reproduce big screens 12 m2 for our eyes...cheaper also but dangerous for some people...remember the first video arcade games with helmet and virtual reality games (amiga inside) ?
The sensations were the best...that is my meaning !
Sorry for my english but I am a bit nervous as you all to see the industry changing hardware as fast as software !

The rumors of a ps4 in the

The rumors of a ps4 in the works are true, there's a few pics of the alpha model at dig1underground.ftp (hard to get on, try a few times, pass is 12god and user is 34satan). they are kind of low res, but this is clearly from Sony (guys name tag).

Quoting from Hirai.

"It's still very difficult to have consumers download 50 gigabytes of data or more."

That's because the wifi is slow. If it's on wired, that depends on the PSN servers. Just double the specs to compete against the 720 and have the wifi in N. The 720 will have 1gb gpu and it may be close as a PC, just by its apps and OS, not the frickin' hardware. The hardware is not close to the PC.

wifi has nothing to do with

wifi has nothing to do with it, the fact that 90% of the UK (not sure about other nations) have an average speed of 3mb/s. Until we see an average d/l speed of 100mb/s downloading 50gb is just not practical. I totally agree

I agree

Ofcourse, a few days ago we are told there will be a PS4 and now Sony says no way. I am sure the other source was 100% true, but I guarantee that Sony is now saying no PS4 announcement as publicity stunt. Yes, if MS reveals its next console Sony will do the same. One reason to make MS believe they will not have competition at first, and second to make sure people will not stop buying PS3 systems, games and accessories. Either Sony realized "Oh no, if people now think we will bring a new console on the market people will stop buying". Also, if MS actually shows us the next gen console, Sony will take less then a month to reveal the PS4 with a lot better specs then the next Xbox, even if they just made it up on the spot. It is a business tactic. Feed people with all sorts of news, like Valve does with their employees wearing Half-Life 3 shirts. Just to make sure people get curious and do not forget about the next HL game. Quite clever from Sony about this news actually!!

Not So Cleaver

Sony has done this before.... and the fact most of us know Sony lies through their teeth,making claims there won't be a ps4 anytime soon doesn't make Sony cleaver. Cry Wolf one to many times no one will believe anything you say weather true or not. Every thing you said is true though about there being no Ps4 and why they said it. The fact is they have one, a Proto Type Box that can change specs on the fly. They simply are waiting on Microsoft. Most Techies know, Tablets are taking over, Tablets are getting faster and faster with keyboards and mice as accessories. It's a fact, tablets in a year or two will be as powerful or even more powerful than a ps3 today so as far as I can see, This is the year to get one last console out as next year may be to late for anyone to even care. Razor already has a specially designed Concept Pc Tablet that has more Power than todays Ps3 or Xbox360. Would you rather have a specially modified hand held Tablet that has more power than your console Box or a Bulky Console that uses disks.


What about when sony said no more exclusives, well then there is no reason to get a ps3 any more. And if a ps4 ever comes around please don't buy in to their bull like most of people did when they said that ps3 is going to have this and that at the beginning like the sd slot and detachable 2.5-inch HDD, 128bit pixel precision and 1080p most games use 720p not much difference, video chat, Sony also emphasized that the PlayStation 3 would have similar online connectivity and services as the next generation of Xbox Live, sony said that subscribers could "exchange unique characters and items through the network," much like Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace, to name a few. But with tech available to the public today its possible, and the next gen should be 1/3 the price for a console because it dot cost much to build anything these days especially if buying wholesale.

hell yea

Why buy and overpriced console when u can buy another for half the cost. And besides you cant say witch has better graphics because if its the same game on all consoles then its the same graphics (not counting wii, hand held and pc)(pc is in a league of its own when it comes to graphics for the most games). and who cares its the game play that matters and xbox pulls it off real nice with just a standard dvd drive.

Sony lies so much-Sony always lies-

there will be a ps4 announced.. if Microsoft announces their new console, sony will do the same. Better release a new console now while you can. There will be no need for consoles in the next 5 years. Tables will have taken over consoles by 2015 guaranteed so if they wish to make a final stab at consoles, now is the time to do it in 2012. Tablets will be so powerful by the end of 2013 there wont be an person left on the planet wanting a bulky console.

If he said no, it's no

The guy would be stupid to put off fans like that and then be like "SURPRISE, PS4". Sony may suck in many aspects but one thing they know is how to build hype. Consoles have changed since the good old days. They're no longer dedicated gaming machines, now you can buy and watch movies, music and apps on them , you can expect the next gen to do even more. Although tablets can do the same thing, who would want to game or watch movies exclusively on a 7" or 11" screen. Nah, we like big screens. Whatever we have in our living rooms 10 years from now is certain to be a media/internet center and not a simple dedicated machine. In short a PC or something very similar.

In short.....

Ha ha yeah, a PC or not something similar, a PC is where it ends. Nothing can or will ever be able to beat the capabilities of one. A smartphone, tab, laptop & desktop are all PC's. When a console can do everything a PC can, it is no longer a console is it? When a console can do more, it'll cost more. The only thing you can compare a console to is a desktop, because neither are portable. So why have a console? Consoles are junk. You like big screens? So you hook your PC up to it, and use the big screen. That's what I do. I like FPS's on my monitor though. Consoles are good for landfill, that's about it.


Get a PC, no need to upgrade shit for a long time if you get a good rig, and it costs you less then consoles + games, unless you do trade in's, also depending on what your view of pirating is, plays everything old and new and shit you probably never seen before. PC's nothing but for porn and games and more porn.

It's obvious

Obviously he means he'll be able to play games while having supper cause the table will be a big multitouch HD screen with a blu-ray drive built in and internet connection.

Do you mean like one of those

Do you mean like one of those tables with screens that actually a table also. If so I would not like to be staring down on to the table while playing a game. Besides its old technology revamped. Personally I don't like blu-ray because voices are low and sfx high, even with my tv setting to bring voice forward and sfx down. Personal opinion.


I was being sarcastic though. It'd be horrible to play games on a table. Regardless this tech does exist, microsoft sells one such device called microsoft surface.


I know... what the F
The PS2 was great and all, but gimme a break. Why would you still play those old shitty looking games. Sometimes I play a PS2 game and I feel sick looking at the age old Graphics.


Mother fuckers that want to make bombs, or did every one forget that. I think they said that sadam was buying a shitload of ps2's because of some sort of chip for a warhead because it was cheaper.

I remember that

That is so funny, I remember that. I think they used the Chip for a guided missile. Though, I also remember they where talking about how you could use almost any type of processor for guided missiles. But it had something to do with how cheap the PS2 was compared to a similar use processor at the time. Though, if you think about it, even that old technology would today still be enough to make a rocket and kill people. No matter how far technology comes, killing people is still done the same way. Right?

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