Sony Talking With Third Parties To Offer PlayStation-Certified Devices

During an on-stage conversation with Walt Mossberg at Hong Kong's AsiaD conference, Sony Computer Entertainment chairman Kaz Hirai revealed that Sony is in active talks with third-party phone makers who are interested in offering PlayStation-certified Android devices not made by Sony.

"This isn't an ecosystem where we want to keep everything within the Sony family," he said.

"That's the beauty of Android," he added. "We're in discussions with non-Sony companies to bring them onboard. We'll make those announcements when it's time to go public with it. This is not just for Sony devices."

The first PlayStation-certified was Sony's own Xperia Play which sold much less than expected. Sony's recently released Sony Tablet S as well as its upcoming dual screen Sony Tablet P are the only other PlayStation-certified to date.

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And that's why so many fools choose it in one form or another, the most common one being Christianity. If you are convinced there is nothingness, as there surely is (your consciousness will be as it was an infinite number of years ago) then certainly hoping for a God is futile. Why fear nothingness? You'll never know how void it all is as your genetic material decomposes & moves on to other things in the Universe. Get over it.

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The clothes you wear, the car you drive, the job you work at, its just a cloak. Do we as humans really need to be this busy?, the answer is no. We try to pretend we live in a fantasy world where everything we do has a purpose and we play dress up. Do you think your clothes make you who you are?, no, clothes are just a security blanket, even a convicted serial killer can wear a nice suit and look innocent. If you take a group of confident well dressed humans and strip them naked, most of them will stand there in shame. We are not our clothes, we are not our house, we are not our haircut. we are a mold, a bacteria, eating away at the earth. We invented value, money is not real, gold isn't worth anything, we created the idea of trade, the money you spend isn't really being spent, its just paper, but we created the illusion that Money is worth something.
You can buy a car with a handful of paper, you can buy a house with a piece of plastic that transfers numbers that you cannot physically touch. We created this fantasy and we are in too deep to let go of it.

A placeholder.

Well said, not sure why it applies to what Sony is doing, but well said for sure. Money is just a placeholder for goods & services. A measure of relative purchasing power.

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So whats your point? Dont act like you are the only dum ass that understands the most inner workings of life. But the hole point of life is just to live it. By the way it looks to me your not living yours. So find something you enjoy and stop dwelling on the hard facts.

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Just a troll, purposely trying to get serious responses from gullible people. who hasn't written stupid shit on the net just for the fun of it on completely unrelated topics, it's the beauty of anonymity.

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