South Korea Defends Its Borders Using Kinect

The South Korean government is using Kinect to monitor and protect the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) on its borders with North Korea.

Put together by freelance South Korean developer Jae Kwan Ko, the system is superior to infrared system it is replacing as it has the ability to differentiate between people and animals whereas the old system detects movement only.

South Korea started phasing in the new system at select portions of the DMZ last year, and it has managed to keep it secret till now. Despite the secrecy, South Korean media is now playing up Jae Kwan Ko's contributions and is hailing him as an example of the nation's creativity and ingenuity.

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Can someone clarify for me, how does Kinect diff' between peeps & animals? If I walk on all fours will it still know? What if I wear a bear costume or a Korean Samsquanch? Will it know? Why does it even need to? Is it hooked to a CWIZ turret or a plasma cannon or something?

Yea, if you walk on all fours

Yea, if you walk on all fours it might assume you're an animal. South Korea might be in a pickle regarding its war with the much stronger North Korea (5th or so largest army in the world) but at least now they can laugh as they attack on all fours to avoid kinect detection.

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