Standalone DayZ Coming in 2012

Standalone DayZ

Dean "Rocket" Hall has announced that before the end of the year, a standalone version of the popular zombie survival mod DayZ, will be released. This will include a lot of bug fixes and a host of new features - as well as being priced far lower than traditional RRPs for new games.

"It's going to be cheap," Hall announced during his Eurogamer Expo speech. "[And] it has to be out before the end of the year. Not just because we've committed to it but in order to achieve what we have to do. It has to be. There's no 'we hope it is'; it has to be." The point of pricing the game at a low point, was to make sure plenty of people paid for it. Presumably he wants to prevent those that bought ARMA II to play the mod, feeling ripped off by a full price tag on the game that will essentially be a more polished version of the DayZ available at the moment.

He went on to explain that with more purchases, will come more features. However he did say it was going to be a slow burn to start with. While he hopes to have the game out and playable by December, as 2013 rolls around, the really ambitious stuff will begin. Some of those hinted at features include diseases that spread from faeces and vomit, dumping the user interface for a more tense experience, more hand to hand weaponry, splints for broken bones and more vehicles.

There are also big plans in terms of smoothing out the game experience and making it as bug free as possible. The current DayZ mod is awash with hackers that have caused big problems for the game. With a standalone version those will be much easier to combat. However Hall has promised that he will continue to develop the mod alongside the main game.

Yesterday I talked about how bored I was of Zombie games. What about you guys?

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HAHA!!! I didnt buy it yet.

I havent bought arma2 or any of that stuff yet. But I know heaps and heaps of my friends who have bought arma 2 and arrowhead just to play DayZ. HAHA! They will have to spend even MORE money just to play a newer version. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! IMO, DayZ has been free. The mod itself. And putting a price on it just cos it switched from mod to standalone is a bad idea. It may sound like a good idea, but its no different to putting a price on umm lets say... Facebook or google. Pay a dollar just to google something... OK DayZ is not as big as google, but its the same effect.

28 Hacks Later

I already bought Arrowhead so I can play DayZ.. why do I have to pay again? Because you didn't do your job to keep hackers away? It's better be cheap if you want a relative success because most peoples are not stupid enough to buy the same game twice. Yes, it's made on the "take on helicopter" engine, which is the ARMA engine with some tweak on it so same game, same engine, a few new features.. and no hacking (at least hoping). I guess this will fuel those willing to take a look at WarZ.. even if it look sub-part compared with the actual DayZ in terms of weapon/environment realism.

@28 Hacks Later

With it being a stand-alone game it will have less glitches and have more freedom than if it were to stay a mod. The Arma 2 game's engine can not do what they want it to do. With it being its own game they can push its limits farther. A mod changes a games files, Arma 2 is not a game that likes its files touched. So its very limited in what can be done. Also the mod will still be worked on so don't worry if you can't get buy it. You can still play the mod.


went to the site, looked at a trailer and it`s full of over-acting whiny americans pretending like they`re scared or tough guys even though they`re 20 year old fatties. nice premise ruined by imbeciles i`m sure.

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