Super Speedrun - Beating Ocarina of Time in 22 Minutes


I've never been one for speedruns myself, but this guy's playthrough of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in just 22 minutes and 38 seconds, is pretty damn impressive.

Using tricks including a Navi dive - after a series of flips and jumps, he dives into the water to skip not only a cutscene but the early portions of the game's Deku Tree - and an impressive warp after defeating (and simultaneously dying on) the boss in the basement of said tree, his run is only possible due to the combined efforts and calculations of many speed runners.

While I've played through Ocarina of Time once or Twice in the past ten years, these guys have been doing so over and over since the game was released, refining their efforts to get through it as fast as possible. At first the record was six hours, then it was three, then it was 40 minutes and now it's down to under 25.

The question now remains, is it possible to go even further?

According to the CVG rundown, a few seconds were wasted by Cosmo Wright during one portion of his run, so presumably there is a little room for improvement, but it would take something pretty special to really knock off chunks of time from a run like this.

Do any of you indulge in speedruns? If so, what's your fastest run?

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Info on Speed Runs

Just a bit of info in speed runs guys (seeing as there is a lot of ignorance and bashing on the matter). They've been around a long time. Older nostalgic games are the most popular, however, anything that is popular or once was (Goldeneye, BL2, Skyward, endless really...), has some sort of speed running behind it. Typically there are groups/sites that set the rules behind what is a "legit" run. In this instance Cosmo did a Zelda:OoT Glitched Any% run. There are records for glitch-less runs as well. Matter of a fact there are several different types of runs that exist in various ways for various games. These guys often do more than one type or run for a couple games they've master. Google speedrunslive for more info. It's recently become noticed more do to the surge of online streaming - twitch tv, etc.

Say what you want, but for 13

Say what you want, but for 13 years they all accepted exploits as parts of speed runs for Zelda. That's like saying super sticky jumping ( a glitch found by crouch sticky jumping ) isn't a legit way of moving around as demoman in TF2, and they've considered removing that.

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I saw this run months ago, and you megagames come to me with this "new", speedruns are for a selected public, but not for the average gamer... if you're going to start with this news, at least mention one of the best speerunners: Sir Greenalink... but the best you can do is avoid "this" as gaming news...

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