Swiss Government Says Piracy Is Not Harmful

A new official report from the Swiss government concluded that the country's lenient anti-piracy laws are more than enough since piracy is not as harmful as the entertainment industry would have us believe.

The report conceded that more than one third of Swiss over 15 pirate music, movies and games regularly; however, it noted that most of them don't realize they are doing something illegal despite widespread media coverage on the subject.

More importantly, the report noted that no matter the size of piracy going on, the total amount spent on entertainment doesn't really change. In other words, money saved by piracy is spent on other forms of entertainment anyway.

In the end, content creators end up recouping their piracy losses through concerts, cinemas and merchandising as those give user an experience that cannot be downloaded.

So what about studios and record labels who make their livelihood off of content? Tough luck, the report says. They have to "adapt to the changing consumer behavior" or die.

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Fiction as Truth

Does no one find it suspect that this blog never provides an actual cite to the alleged authority it reports on to support its transparent agenda of advocating piracy? Anyone can write fiction and present it as truth but that doesn't make it so

The reason most people

The reason most people download pirate content is because its just so much easier, i mean you can get a program that will download and organize any form of media at the maximum speed your PC/internet will allow, and it will even let you preview it as its downloading.
Then you get the likes of EA games putting DRM bullcrap on their shit, forcing hackers to remove any unwanted shit from the game (DRM, adverts etc), so now its not only free and easy, its a whole lot better too.

Until someone provides a better service than usenet and torrent, piracy will keep rising and the mpaa will continue to rape people in court.

Fair Price for a good product

One fact that all these studies seem to gloss over is that people that pirate are a lot more likely to purchase games / movies and other media. Infact from memory they purchase more than the average consumer.

With many games these days being rushed out before they are ready and the end user having to cope with a nearly finished product more and more people are adopting piracy as a try before you buy.

If the product is a quality product I will purchase it and support that company and recommend it to others. If it is mass produced mindless garbage I delete it and warn people off buying it.

Mind you I also import my games due to being in Australia and being sublect to insane regional pricing gouging of 200% of what the rest of the world pays. Stupid thing is when our currency was worth 30% less against USD our games were still 200% more. Seems that even though our money is worth more than USD now we are getting more ripped off than ever.

We're in the digital age,

We're in the digital age, there's no stopping us now. Art should be free for everyone to enjoy free of charge. The artist is already rich and if not but the content is good enough he will get recognition for it and become rich one way or another. BTW why isn't youtube illegal? There are tons of high quality music files you can listen to whenever you feel like it...I don't even bother downloading music anymore its all freely available on youtube.

Sure this artist will keep

Sure this artist will keep making shit that you and every other twisted minded person will enjoy while I go live in fucking a box, what a fucking comment. Fuck you... Im about sick and tired of people with no talent what so ever clamming that art should be free.. What even gives you the RIGHT to say something that pig headed. NO art should be free, why because there wouldn't be any insentive to create and thing for you to enjoy and by the looks of it,, artists are losing it all ready cause of fucks like you...

Gov't is trying to make youtube illegal as we "speak"

Many bills have been brought up in recent times trying to censor content on the internet.

[url removed] Check it out for more info on the major push by the entertainment industry to shut down piracy/streaming video or music/unauthorized uploads and any other information deemed "dangerous" by the authorities

[url removed]


One out of a million services and the conspiracy police go berserk. Next you will be telling us Obama plans to hit the kill switch on the internet?

obama plans to terminate the internet!

Yes, previous post that was speaking about internet censorship was uncalled for nonsense. Continue on with whatever it is you do.

Did you even investigate the claim of "censorship bill's currently in the works"?

I suppose jfk was killed by a lone gunman and pearl harbor was a complete surprise to US government? Lets not forget 911 was caused by a couple darned towel headed Afghany/Iraqi al-qaeda members, right?

OH and the whole barry seal ordeal was just a freelance cia man, with enough power to have a couple c-130's drop tons of cocaine in various fields throughout the south, right? Somehow a columbian cartel has him assassinated in broad daylight with full auto weapons right off the side of a VERY busy highway in america, People reported black cars with blacked out windows speeding from the scene and that was the end of the investigation of cia drug running....

Thats how the stories go. You decide(research) if there's more to them or not.

No army either.

Switzerland has no army, they require all males to own assault rifles, train for a short time each year, suggest that women also carry & have one of the lowest gun crime rates in the world. Companies producing things on disc really do just have to adapt or die. All we want is the easily reproduceable code that costs nothing to reproduce. Few people out of the whole group of us really care about paper & plastic entertainment. It is on the way out, the internet is the way of the future, content creators are all rich anyway, so GFY.

Some corrections there, we do

Some corrections there, we do have an army. In fact, it's ridiculously oversized, relative to the population we might have one of the biggest armies in the world. Our population is almost 10 times smaller than Germany's, yet our army is around half the size of Germany's. There's a saying around here: Switzerland doesn't *have* an army, Switzerland *is* an army! Also, not all males are required to own assault rifles; but we have mandatory military service, and those who are deemed able-bodied and fit to carry arms will receive one, and keep it until they leave the service. What you are probably referring to is that those who have one keep it at home when they're not in service, so yes, many Swiss households with a man between 18 and 40 years of age will have an assault rifle somewhere. I suppose our gun crime rate is lower than in other countries, but there is no suggestion that women also carry.

Woo hold it

Folks did you even read this article?
Switzerland goverment guys dont saing piracy is OK.
They just stae the fact that thei have high enough anty piracy laws already in effect and the dont intend to pres against pirates any more in foreseeable future.

Did you even get it?

Look all USA an EU anti-piracy company vant harder punishment against software theft illegal sharing and downloading. The want our money or our blood.

And Switz folks in they wisdom tel: Chill out, we already have laws against piracy and we working on it, thei are software pirates not terrorist.

what about software

If person would use a multi-thousand usd software without a license as one simply cannot afford it!... You'd say - THEFT. Well microsoft surely would. If you need it for work, train yourself in it and ultimately work for some company - all the software you use is legalized without a question! You are accustomed to this software, you will be using it in future and buying the license + any of the companies you work for will do that as well. Now if you'd have it some other way - you'd simply be using open source and the companies are far far less likely to see a dime drop.
Ps not saying that his applies for music or games.

Does this mean that I can go

Does this mean that I can go to a hotel in Switzerland and refuse to pay my bill? Maybe I can watch a film whilst I'm there and refuse to pay for my ticket. I could even refuse to pay to watch a concert after all its not like these businesses need to pay pay their employees is it. Maybe the Swiss population should refuse to pay their taxes.

You got it all wrong. The

You got it all wrong. The courts didn't say that piracy was legal or okay. They said that *because* they are already illegal under current law, and they don't cause the financial losses the coporations tried to make them believe, there's no need to pass *stricter* laws that would in turn violate personal rights (e.g. privacy). That piracy isn't the huge problem they claim is only their reasoning for why they consider current legislation sufficient. Or put differently: they ruled that citizen's basic rights to privacy are more important than the losses of the entertainment industry that could possibly, maybe be recuperated if private corporations were allowed to spy on everyone.

Yet more failed analogies, I wish people would stop trying...

No, if you stay in a hotel you make them spend their money and time on you/your room, refusing to pay back is theft.If you watch a movie in the hotel you consume their electricity, refusing to pay back is theft. If you go to a concert you take up some of the limited space they have available and refusing to pay is theft. Downloading songs, movies, etc isn't generating costs for anyone other than your ISP which you pay every month. Simply put, trying to make proper analogies between software and real things is extremely difficult, you shouldn't attempt to do so if you're not a software developer(web or not) yourself (we shouldn't talk about things we have little or no knowledge of). Piracy is a sign that consumers are changing, bussinesses need to adapt and evolve, not use court orders to try and enforce an ancient bussiness model because they're cozy with things being the way they WERE. Quoting my captcha "don't stop", we must always move forward after all.

No, it's not theft because

No, it's not theft because when you steal something whoever owned it before is left empty handed. Piracy is fundamentally different from theft and thats what most people dont seem to understand. Piracy is duplicating things, no one LOSES anything when you pirate something. Also, people who are willing to buy things do so anyway, most don't bother pirating when they're intent on buying or pirate first and buy later. Either way, trying to apply ancient concepts (like theft) to new things (by that I mean new actions people can take) that didn't even exist 50 years ago is silly. It's new and remains uncategorized mostly because many have been trying to associate it with theft.

Yes, that's exactly what it

Yes, that's exactly what it means, it also means that you would be held responsible for those actions under tha appropriate laws. It's not like they made piracy legal FFS, just that they have the common sense to realize that reproducing some data is not nearly as bad as some other crimes and should be dealt with as such.

For those who are against

For those who are against piracy: That new game you bought? Don't play it with your friends. That movie that just came out that you paid money for? Don't watch it with your family. They didn't pay to watch it, did they?


You are not breaking any laws if you watch a film or play a game that you purchased with your friends or family. Idiot!!!!

Family is covered I think,

Family is covered I think, but invite a friend over and you're already in a legal grey area. By the word of the law that would already be a public presentation, and there's no doubt about it that some entertainment publishers would like to charge you for it. Remember, you can't legally sing Happy Birthday in public?

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