There's a Megaladon shark in BF4

Battlefield 4 has a lot of Easter eggs in it. There's a goat from Jurassic Park outside the boundaries of one of the maps and someone is claiming to have found a T-Rex roar in the sound files, so who knows if there's a monster from all those years ago on land. Yet we do know for sure there's one in the ocean, as we have video and pictures of it. It's a Megaladon shark and it looks awesomely huge.

People believe it was added as part of the Naval Strike DLC package, so may have been added after people began looking for it, but it's not entirely clear.

If you want to find the Megaladon yourself, you need to do the following:

Head to the Nansha Strike map and during the storm phase, get 10 people around the boy at the very north end of the map... and wait to be crushed under the massive tonnage of a prehistoric predator.

This has been part of a big search that's been ongoing for a few weeks now, so a lot of effort went into finding this thing. What do you think of the results? Are they worth it?

You may think the image up the top along is enough, but then again, a LOT of work went into this. A lot.

[Thanks Kotaku]

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Yes I'm sure that DICE

Yes I'm sure that DICE distribute all their in-game audio as uncompressed RAW audio streams. How ridiculous of me. I'll bow down to your pretentious, completely uninformed and utterly ridiculous lack of basic computing knowledge as I go back to consoles which I don't own or have any desire to own.

"viewing the .sb files isn't

"viewing the .sb files isn't difficult to export files[...]lazyiness" wow your sentences and words make so much sense, please share with me your complete in depth technical knowledge of Frostbite 3 and foley audio production/mastering for video games. Ugh. Fucking prepubescent troll scum.


What does a engine have to do with archived files? hrmm? just another anon who lashes out at everyone. great argument bro. now fall down some stairs.

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