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Linux THQ

We've talked about the future of PC gaming before and how it might end up being dominated by Linux, simply because many developers just don't like Windows 8. Now though we have THQ praising Linux and suggesting that perhaps in the future, its games will be made compatible with the niche OS.

This comes off the back of the Humble THQ Bundle, which raised just over $5 million for the developer and several charities. However it also drummed up a lot of debate over whether the Humble Bundle service should be exclusive for those that have Mac and Linux ports and don't use DRM of any kind. These messages haven't fallen on deaf ears it seems, as THQ's president, Jason Rubin, took to Twitter to address people's interest in future development opportunities:

"Got the Linux message load and clear via #HumbleBundle feedback. Evaluating cost/benefit as we speak."

While of course it may end up that internal balance sheet checking and testing suggests that it wouldn't be worth it for THQ to develop for Linux as well as Windows, there is the potential there for one of the world's most well known publishers to release its future games on the OS. With others turning away from Windows 8 and potentially now some swinging into the Linux camp, it's just more evidence that the gaming operating system of the future won't necessarily be Windows.

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What really

Uuuuum. I find this rather humorous and I still don't understand why people are ********. Yes, there is the Modern UI. Yes there is an App Store. Yes Microsoft takes a 30% cut from the App Store. As an example, will Steam run on Windows 8, yes. Will Microsoft take a cut of Steam Sales, No. Is Windows 8 a closed system, No.

Haha yes every time a new

Haha yes every time a new windows comes out the same old sooks start sooking. Get over it wankers. Windows 8 is like windows 7 not much diffrent still runs the same stuff. Oh i get it the funny home page of windows is confussing you and you like everything done for you were you dont have to think. Best you jump on the apple band wagon and use an opperating system that controls you not it. Have fun suckers.

personally i dont get why

personally i dont get why you would stop making for PC just cause of Windows 8.... personally i find it simple make the games for Windows 7 screw Windows 8 it will make Microsoft find out their error of Windows 8 restrictions no one is forcing people to use Windows 8... personally i will never be using it im perfectly happy with my Windows 7.

Reasoning FAIL

If Linux will be the future of gaming, how long it will survive? Will the companies accept that hacking in linux is easier than windows, and then the piracy will be even easier. The biggest FAIL in this article is the "linux users" they want all free, and the "distro" they use is the biggest FAIL, because using ubuntu is not making anyone a linux user... it just makes the lunix user a winfag in disguise, lets face it, ubuntu users are only windows users who want to look "elite" by using "linux" but they still want the feel of Windows... They think ubuntu IS linux, poor "elites" they don't know that ubuntu is not even an original distro, it's only a hacked and crapped version of a powerful distro called Debian, YES the same distro that most Web Servers run... ubuntu users are so pathetic for the way they think, what will happen when they destroy the other distros? because that IS the only thing in mind of Canonical's owner, destroy all the other distros and be the only linux supplier... (cough, Monopoly, cough) Microsoft like they have done it before, is ******** Windows in this version (Windows 8) and other versions also (ME and Vista), but they have something that canonical doesn't: PATRONS, they will feel the money bleeding through their pockets and will correct their failures, as has happened before (Windows 7). Yes M$ are kind of idiots, but an idiot who loses money learns from it (Vista), an ******* (canonical) who doesn't do profit or loses patrons (Ubuntu), won't even notice their mistakes, they won't learn... and they will see the abyss, not before, but after they fell into it. Haters gonna Hate.

From a real Linux users point of view

You have the wrong view of Linux users. We want free software, but not in the money sense. What that means is we want to be able to edit and play around with the software as we please. If we have pay for it, fair enough. If they are happy with donations, perfect! I will donate what I feel it is worth to me. If it is free, well thank you very much. Linux users don't expect everything for free, we just prefer to pay what we think the software is actually worth. For example Photoshop may be worth hundreds to a magazine company who uses it to make thousands, but how much is it worth to a teenager who just wants to mess about with it to see if that is a line of work they are interested in? Ubuntu is based on Debian, just like hundreds of other distros. Really unless you use Debian, Redhat, Slackware, etc... you will be using a distro which is based on another distro. Hell, there are distros based on distros that are based on other distros. Distros like Debian are great but require more skill to live with, which is why Ubuntu is there. Ubuntu lets people easily migrate from other OS' without having to go out and read a book (what I had to do way back when I moved to Linux). The “elites” you speak about are no worse than yourself who seems to think of himself as having an “elite” status because you use a more difficult distro... or quite possibly you are just an idiot who really uses Windows but can't resist trolling. Ubuntu will not destroy other distros for the fact that it is based on anotehr distro. And the people who have been using Linux for years are not moving away from the distros they use (after spending years trying out countless ones) to Ubuntu. Yes many of us have tried Ubuntu out, and many of us have found it a nice easy distro to install on that laptop that kicks about just of general internet use. Canonical relies on donations and funding for other people and companies. If Ubuntu turns rubbish and no one uses it, then the donations and funding will dry up. Although the main thing you have forgotten about Ubuntu (and Linux in general) is that it's development is mainly community driven. So if something gets put in which really does not work, it will be removed or not be the default in the next release. Also once you learn the in's and out's of Linux you know that everythign can be changed. If you don't like the Unity environment, just install get GNOME, KDE, MATE, LXDE or Xfce... Hell, install all of them and switch between them as you please. As for Microsoft, they follow where they think the oney is. Mobile and tablet computing has gone mad so yeah, they will make an OS to a style they think the people want. The problem is though that it is all closed off. With Linux it is a community so an idea can split into another ideas and each one can be developed. Where as with Windows, only one desktop environment will be made. Finially “Haters gonna Hate”. Yes, unfortunatly for us people like you are going to hate everything ever...

Knowing linux...

If that is the "Smartest reply you've seen on", that say too much about you... "Long Live Linux! No matter which distro"; by saying distro you're only saying unbutu or whatever you call that crap. You probably didn't know about the distro that was killed by Hollywood because it skipped the DVD's protection... it was a humble distro, not backed up by the "canonical's Apartheid". FACE IT ubuntu is a racist distro, you must look at the "moto" to understand... Defending some **** like unbutu, and make it look like you are defending the linux community is stupid...(what the responder did) to the matter of discussion, like someone recently posted: "THQ + linux = THQ files bankruptcy..." Well that kind of proves the point... The responder said "we want free software", like FREE as in BEER? lets face it, free(no paying) is not the same as free(freedom), what the "linux users"(the responder) really wants is "no paying", what the "open source" community really want is "freedom". And NO, because we use SUSE, Debian, Mandriva or RedHat, we don't feel superior to anyone else, ubuntu users are a well documented case... they always have shown some "elitism" because they are "humans" and because of that those who don't use ubuntu are UNTERMENSCHEN... I though we got rid of the NAZIS with the WWII, then Neo Nazis appeared and now a new bred of NAZI, the "ubuntu user" appeared... I really would like to see the responses to this post, trying to disprove the segregationism that ubuntu creates within the linux community... but I have more important thing to do, the problem is not linux, the problem is the ubuntu sheeps that behave exactly like macfags, when you talk something about apple and they don't agree with the your POV... they freak out, and get violent!

Take a deep breath and calm down

1. Linux distros don't skip dvd protection, programs like VLC and MPlayer do, with libraries from certain freely available sources. 2. There is no frakking way that Ubuntu is racist, where the hell do you get that? 3. Linux users value free as in freedom over free as in beer. Investigate for yourself and you'll find that it's the case in the overwhelming majority. The really hardcore types won't even look at a program if it doesn't include the source code and a gpl license or the like. I myself don't care and just want few restrictions and a decent program with good ethics from the developer. 4. Your post isn't rational debate, it's a rant from a clear Ubuntu hater. Why you hate it I don't know, but it's in no way rational or productive. Ubuntu is my preferred distro for the moment, but it hasn't always been, and it may not be forever. In the end, it matters not, so long as you're happy with your choice. 5. I call Godwin's Law, you mentioned the "N" word, so you lose.

Won't is a strong word

Windows users can quite easily become Linux users simply by installing the software on the same hardware they currently use with Windows, quite easy to have a dual boot system for anyone. All it will take is one AAA title that is shown to be demonstrably better in Linux than in Windows and the shift will begin in earnest.

Nice one

I for one am not a huge linux geek but I can manage myself around, also got a couple of high quality games to run on it, however since most games are for windows I'm constantly blocked from switching to linux permanently which is a shame.


This is about the most ridiculous crap I've heard in a while... why not do it a decade ago? Oh wait... is Windows 8 the final straw because they can't develop software for Win 7? Maybe they haven't looked at the statistics of user base for the windows system... I can guarantee most of users still use Vista/Win7, and that only a small percent use Win 8. Besides Win 8 is only Win 7.5 if you were to call it that at best. If these ***** developers are going to cry over a company wanting a cut of the profits than they need to go and make their own OS and release it, or they could go and just stop making *******games. In the end its what comes after Win 8 that would have the major impact in PC gaming.

Why not do it now?

Read up on exactly why developers are abandoning the platform, it's definitely not because they are "***** developers", "someone wanting a cut of the profits" or because they "make *******games", it's because Microsoft are taking what was once an open and usable system for 3rd party developers and tried to turn themselves into an Apple style all-controlling behemoth that restricts innovation and adds additional costs that benefit no-one but themselves. What comes after Windows 8 will be irrelevant if they lose the major studios and indie game developers from their ecosystem.

I like the fact Linux is

I like the fact Linux is finally showing its colors in the industry, at the same time however the delivery of games is still open to debate. One, we will be riddled with DRM for the first time and two we will eventually see the emergence of closed source drivers. Whether that's good or bad remains to be seen, but a definite win over Windows 8.

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