Titanfall Expedition DLC gets first trailer

Titanfall hasn't been out long, but as with many other developers, Respawn isn't going to wait for you to forget about it before releasing its first batch of DLC, which is why it's got the first of a trio of expansions coming this May. It's called Expedition and features three new maps for you to run, gun and titanfall in and we now have our first trailer.

The three maps featured are all designed to offer varied levels of combat, from tall trees, swampy terrain and ruins in Swamplands, to the industrial sewers, walkways and building tops in Runoff and finally the digitally created battlefield in War Games, Expedition has lots of different places for you murder your digital counterparts.

Set for release this month on the Xbox One and PC and sometime in June on the Xbox 360, the Expedition DLC will set you back $9.99 at launch. However, if you pick up the Season Pass for $25, you'll get all three of the upcoming DLC packs, thereby saving you a whopping $5 altogether.

What do you guys think of this DLC offering then? Is it enough to save Titanfall's sliding number of gamers? Enough to make the game more varied and therefore give it more replay value?

Let us know below.

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well..at least the DLC isn't $40 for a few maps ....or $20 like BF4 shit. I still won't be paying $10 for this as Titanfall got old real fast.

Why are they trying to put

Why are they trying to put more replay value into a multiplayer only game? Just shovel out the DLC like everyone knows you will and rake in the cash like everyone knows you will. Lather Rinse Repeat motherfuckers.

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