Ubisoft CEO: No 4 Years Wait For Far Cry 4

During an earning call earlier this week, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot promised that "fans will certainly not have to wait four more years for the next Far Cry."

Guillemot revealed that Far Cry 3 is performing "way better than expected" and that it has shipped 4.5 million units to date. Ubisoft believes that this means that it has hit the right gameplay and tone for the series and that it can expand on that without diluting the experience.

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Looking forward to Far Cry 4.

Looking forward to Far Cry 4. Loving both Far Cry 2 and 3, will be amazing to see a next gen Far Cry. Wonder where they will take the next one though? Maybe a snowy setting, or another jungle setting with next gen graphics would be cool. Id also like to see a British character, they had British characters in Far Cry 2 but they werent playable! =( And remeber Ubisoft, you have to be even more ambitious. Would loves planes and be able to ditch the plane mid air jumping out with my winged suit. =D

But everyone hates Ubisoft

Well, them an EA. It's quite amazing the different reaction you get when you whiny little ******* get a games you like from a developer you hate so much! maybe next time don't be so prejudice, or so pre-judgmental, huh? As for my thoughts on the game: it was absolutely fantastic, the character made the game, and all the different personalty's really tied it together. My only gripe was, is that the game didn't feel that optimized (but still satisfactory) and the disco fight scenes could have been done away with. Other than that, Ubisoft had a golden game on their hands, so roll on number 4.

helll yeah !!

Instead of selling the stash found on ppls, ... why not using it instead ... Jason is a ******* junky, needling every 5 sec for any purpose. And we find Coka Crakpipe, stuff ... why not

**** RIGHT !!!

Swear Sweat Anger. Combination of choice !! This game is awsome, netcode sux and mp too but still. Add more island and an openworld mp with sick *** missions and u got yourself a Golden Game.

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