Ubisoft Worked On Modern Day Prince Of Persia

If you've felt that 2008's Prince of Persia reboot and the more recent Forgotten Sands were a significant departure from The Sand of Time universe, wait until you know that Ubisoft was actually working on a Prince of Persia title that takes place in modern day.

"After [an unannounced Assassin's Creed title for Xbox and PS2 was canceled, Ubisoft] wanted a spin-off for Prince of Persia," ex-Ubisoft employee Jonathan Jacques-Belletête said. "We had some awesome ideas with that too... in contemporary time."

"[Development on Prince of Persia 2008] had already started at that point," he added. "But they wanted really something completely out of the left field. And back then I was known as one of the ones... 'oh this guy can get some pretty cool, weird ideas'."

"So I had this little team, and [the game] was actually in the contemporary world. Think a bit Day After Tomorrow, but replace the snow with sand and everything. It was really wicked. But it got cancelled, and then we did all the Far Crys."

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Teen talk

I dont think I can be confident when anyone says "It was really wicked".

ubisoft is now just making crap games just for making monies. No integrity at all for making games that are actually above average.

Mining Old Games

they are just taking the elaborate story of a previous game and then adding more crap to it, thats what they did for prince of Persia, i would quote a review but i can't remember the wording, but oh well, kinda like Nintendo, constantly remaking the same fucking game a billion times and making the same fucking console a thousand times just looks different and is a different size.

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