Valve Announces Plans To Bring Steam And Games To Linux

Valve has decided to add Linux to its list of supported platforms.

As part of the new initiative, Valve will release a full-featured Steam client for Ubuntu 12.04 in the near future. After that, the company will release a complete port of Left 4 Dead 2 followed by additional first party titles for the same Linux distribution.

Valve’s Linux team is also working on porting the company’s Source Engine to Linux so that third party developers would be able to use it to develop games for the free and open operating system.

For the time being, Valve is focusing its Linux development efforts on Ubuntu. Support for other Linux distributions might get added later. In the meanwhile, you can check Valve’s Linux team blog for updates on their progress.

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Steam on Linux how the hell will they pull this off a cloud service? Because I don't see how they can penetrate an open source community. It's one thing to play games on Linux but another to have a paid for service like steam for delivery.

neither win nor linux

cmon, linux too aint the best. what gamers need, is still a fcking gamer-OS! look at consoles hardware and what they can do without a non-gaming-optimized-os-like-win... something in that direction would be fcking great!

Linux as it is..

..all ready can serve as that gamer OS. I can see someone making a gamer focused Linux Distro. Things a gamer need to maximize performance is an OS with less overhead (RAM) which is one of the reasons why the current gen consoles can get away with less RAM than PCs, among other factors. But there are plenty of Linux Distros available right now that provided that. What's needed is a more standard (agreed upon) and rubust audio framework, OpenGL support for AAA titles (the only two platforms that use DirectX are Windows and XBOX), Drivers for common hardware (WiFi particularly but it's gotten much better the last two years), And most of all Games which Valve is now providing.

With all these ingredients all that's left is to bring users to the platform. That may be the hardest part but now with Steam native to Linux that "Windows" argument just got hacked shorter than ever. I would be interested to see Valve create or collaborate with another company (Canonical) to make a STEAM OS. Would be a nifty option to have it as a fast dualbooted OS along side of Windows/MAC/Linux that I can start up when I want the max perfomance out of my system for the duration of my gaming session.

You dont seem to get it. An

You dont seem to get it. An OS alone wouldn't be enough, consoles have customized hardware. So besides years and millions of dollars invested to create a gamer OS one woudl still have to count on the good will of hardware manufacturers to convert their factories in order to make customized hardware for said gamer OS. Nope, not gonna happen. What you could do is learn to keep your PC running smooth and stop whinning about graphics. Good games are good no matter how they look.


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! The only reason I have Windoze in the first place may finally be coming to an end! Maybe not for a while, but it's a step in that direction!

You voted 'no'.

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