Vin Diesel Regroups Tigon For New Riddick Game


Don't worry guys, this isn't likely to be another Kingdoms of Amalur where someone that doesn't know what they're doing is getting into the game making... game. Vin Diesel knows what he's doing. This guy set up Tigon as a subsidiary of his film company One Race Films back in the early 2000s, cashing in on the success of the original Riddick movie (Pitch Black) with Escape from Butcher bay, a well received, brutal stealth title that has Xhibit as a bad guy.

Now though, with a new Riddick movie set to be released, partially produced by One Race Films, Diesel is looking to profit once again and to expand the Riddick universe. To do this, he's gathered the old team - like he does in many of his movies you might notice - of Starbreeze and Tigon developers to make something a bit more expansive.

"For all the game lovers out there, we're reassembling the team that made Escape From Butcher Bay. So we got our guys in Sweden that were part of Starbreeze and we're pulling them back together to make the next Riddick game that we're really excited about," he said to ScreenCrush.

This isn't the first time he's mentioned it though. Diesel hinted about the idea of more Riddick games earlier this year:

“There’s this huge concept [behind the game] which is more of a MMO game that would be centered around people being able to play mercs and it’s basically the merc trade,” he said to IGN. “There’s a very cool game concept behind that. So we got our guys in Sweden that were part of Starbreeze and we’re pulling them back together to make the next Riddick game that we’re really excited about.”

I really enjoyed Butcher Bay back in the day, so I'm interested in a new Riddick game. But what about the rest of you?

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Butcher's Bay was an amazing

Butcher's Bay was an amazing experience and the graphics were amazing back then. I bought Dark Athena last year and was deceive a bit.. the intensity of the first one isn't there for me and I got bored after a while. Let's hope the third game will be as good (or better) than the first one. Oculus Rift support please? That would be amazing in it.
You voted 'no'.

Good News

Escape from Butcher Bay has been one of the best games made. The voice acting, the game play and the graphics were all very innovative and fun. True masterpiece. I remember that Doom 3 and Half Life 2 where the top end graphics, most anticipated titles and EFBB unbeknownst to most came out and in most opinions, surpassed them. Good news indeed.

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