War Z Hit By Hackers, Steam Players Can't Connect

War Z

The bad news for zombie rip-off, survival MMO, The War Z, continues, with the latest that it's been hit by hackers, making it impossible for anyone to login. While the initial issues have been fixed however, those who bought it on Steam, despite the problems, still can't get into the game.

A support thread has been set up by the game's community manager, Kewk, which continues to dispense advice and potential fixes. It also reveals some details on the hack, which apparently began with hackers "resting" the DNS IP, making it impossible for anyone to connect. When that was fixed, the attackers broke out their DDOS tools and began spamming the login server until it crashed. Now though, even with everything supposedly fixed, Steam users still can't play.

Unfortunately for those few - or many, considering the length of the support thread - there's no end in sight for the login problems either. Considering it seemed to not only have mislead gamers but also released a very buggy game, Hammerpoint had its game pulled from Steam by Valve and was told it wouldn't be reinstated until the Half Life developer was confident in a build. This hasn't left the two companies on good terms and it's apparently making communication difficult.

"We have no alternative to seek help directly from steam and have requested this from them," Kewk said on The War Z forum. "Unfortunately, they may not get back to us until tomorrow in the afternoon worst case scenario. However, I am going to try and cut some corners and see what can be done to get something sooner.”

Any of you guys caught out by this Steam gaff?

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War Z

War Z was good,but the issue was Steam didnt put the " EARLY BETA ACCESS " in bold,72 size and in ORANGE for retards to see that the game was in beta, the game is good but is in alpha/beta.


Personally I think steam is a wonderful client and problems only really arise when they do stupid things like make preorder customers wait for several hours to install games after release. The real problem here is that WarZ is a steaming pile of **** and no amount of quick patches are ever going to fix a game that needs a complete overhaul to even be remotely fun. And I don't give a **** how many of you cousin-******* retards hate steam, it is still the best we have ever come to an all-inclusive online marketplace.

^This. Steam has done more

^This. Steam has done more for Indie gaming than any other distributor aside from the App store, The number of big independent games nobody would have played had Steam not existed is astronomical. I don't get why people hate Steam so much, I mean it was 'trendy' to seven years ago but everyone else has moved on from it.


Looks like Steam players yet again are feeling the wrath of their awesome third party tool, haha steam, steaming pile of **** that is.


You've gone done ****** off one of the few hundred steam users, gtfo of megagames u steam lovin ******, we at megagames hate steam u queerbait

Don't lump other people into

Don't lump other people into your defense, I never asked you to speak for me so just bc I've been reading on megagames for years that does not give you permission to stereotype the rest of the community at this website you fucktard. Stop having your ****** moment and try to act like a civil person, you might get farther in life than sucking on your mommy's teet.

Really showing your mature

Really showing your mature side. Are you really so sad and pathetic that you have to find a collective identity in a news website? Also, stop pushing your blatantly irrational politics onto the other readers of this site who AREN'T morons.


"The bad news for zombie rip-off" Maybe you could be a little less biased, this is one example, I've been coming here for around 12 years or so, things like this is what is slowly driving me away. What exactly is it ripping off, must be call of duty black ops it's ripping off like all the other zombie modes that black ops started right? Yah, Dayz is a rip off, absolutely.


Exactly! The game has had a rough start, so we should do all we can to stop them making any improvements to make it better. We should support the hackers who attacked this game and did nothing to realy bother the folk who ****** it up, but rather stopped the folk who spent their hard earned cash on it (who are already rather disappointing) being able to play it.
You voted 'no'.


lol... make the players pay for the creator's problem... very nice way of thinking, hackers really are a bunch of filthy ppl, those "hacker's would deserve to get ******* punished, since hackers are usually hiding in their basement and no one know who they are

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