Washington State Files Lawsuit Over Undelivered Kickstarter Rewards

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson today filed the first consumer protection lawsuit against Altius Management company for failing to deliver the promised rewards of its successfully-Kickstarted Asylum Playing Cards.

The Asylum Playing Cards campaign raised $25,146 from 810 backers, including at least 31 from Washington state in 2012. The campaign involved a project to print and market a deck of cards and other items featuring artwork created by a Serbian artist.

Project backers were promised the playing cards and other rewards with an estimated delivery date of December 2012. To date, the project has not been completed and none of the backers have received any of the promised items or any refunds. Additionally, the company has not communicated with its backers since July 2013.

According to the lawsuit's filing, "Kickstarter's terms of use make clear that companies are legally obligated to fulfill the promised rewards or provide consumer refunds."

In the lawsuit, the Attorney General is seeking restitution for consumers, the state's costs and attorneys' fees and as much as $2,000 per violation of the Consumer Protection Act in civil penalties.

"This lawsuit sends a clear message to people seeking the public's money: Washington state will not tolerate crowdfunding theft," affirmed Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson . "The Attorney General's Office will hold those accountable who don't play by the rules."

It is generally accepted that crowdfunding involves a certain amount of risk as projects might get delayed, under-deliver or fail to deliver at all. For better or worse, this lawsuit might end up changing the rules for everybody.

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One big problem

The issue here is if this was done under a company and not a individual than they are a LLC meaning if the owner of the company simply declares the company bankrupt they will escape having to pay anything. The owner/s will not be held liable in any form of way. This is why we need to common sense laws to criminally and civil punish law breakers even if they are under a corporation rather than just targeting a corporation.

This law suit is not about

This law suit is not about under-delivering its about people using Kick Starter to scam people, this means devs taking your money and running and has nothing to do with devs not meeting deadlines. This particular case sounds bad but that doesn't mean everyone else who is trying to do the right thing should suffer because of these scammers. The rest of this is not directed at the poster above just a general statement... People need to learn that kick-starter is way to support devs not a place where you give money for a product, if they are late on there product your just gonna have to suck it up and realise that these things happen and that the devs are usually young businesses that are still learning how to do ****. To all those people out there ******** well I payed money where's my product you don't understand what kick-starter is about at all and should probably stop using it.

"People need to learn that

"People need to learn that kick-starter is way to support devs not a place where you give money for a product" - Naive, almost every successful kickstarter campaign is based on that particular logic. "you don't understand what kick-starter is about at all and should probably stop using it" - Naive again, those people represent the majority of backers, without them kickstarter would fail. Maybe you're the one who needs to realize kickstarter is a business and so are the campaigns it hosts, there's no space for idealism or dreamlands in the business world.

Hell yeah son.

Word up on that broski brah. It probably says in most cases that monies should be considered "donations". They ain't all bad, there's been a lot of titty **** comin' outta there. Just look at the Carmageddon: Reincarnation project. It's gon' be so *******. Support the stuff you really like & wanna see more of, don't get (CAPTCHA) "cold feet".

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