Watch Dogs is finally out, is it any good?

Watch Dogs has been in development for a long time, so it's with some trepidation that I turned the digital pages of a few favoured game sites this morning to see what they thought of the long awaited hackers paradise. Fortunately, it seems, we're unlikely to be disappointed.

Looks wise, Watch Dogs has managed to hold up nicely, despite some of the wonkier looking trailers from the past year or so. While the original trailer certainly plays to the game's visual strengths and daytime doesn't look quite as pretty as the night, Watch Dogs is still a good looking game and is a great insight into where this generation of games is going.

The general mechanics are pretty solid too, with protagonist Aiden Pearce moving smoothly on foot or behind the wheel. However while vaulting over walls and jumping easily onto ledges, you get more of a chance to use your hacking smartphone, making walking around one of the most fun aspects of the game.

While it's certainly akin to digital wizardry - a few reviewers drew comparisons between the smartphone and a wand - it's good that the game kept things simple, as a horrible minigame for every hack would have gotten dull fast. The ease with which you infiltrate people's lives too and the security systems of Chicago are a chilling reminder that the real world isn't too far removed from Watch Dogs' privacy invading fantasy.

The missions in the game are nice and varied, with a mix up of stealth, puzzles and combat, though the former type does have a few annoying instant-fail missions. The action sequences are a little simple at times, but satisfying thanks to a well handled third person shooting mechanic.

Some of the missions in vehicles could get a bit dull at times, especially in the early levels where precise driving is needed and a few of the vehicles, with their quirky handling meant several restarts were required by some reviewers. In-fact if there was one complaint they almost unanimously had, is that the chases from the cops are some of the weakest elements of the game.

There's a lot to do in Watch Dogs though, with plenty of distractions if you like side missions and mini-games, with some even having their own progression system outside of Aiden's main one. It's a little much perhaps, but it feels sacrilegious to complain that a game has simply too much content.

While Aiden might be a bit of a conflicting character, inflicting death and crime against the guilty and innocent in equal measure to get revenge for the same being done to him, overall Watch Dogs is a satisfying experience with a lot going for it. It's not a perfect game, but it has plenty to do and some really satisfying elements that mean picking it up on whatever platform will keep you busy for some time.

Though the PC has the best frame rates and aesthetics, by far.

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amd users........

get a raw deal with this steaming pile of ****. the nvidia gameworks system works around the amd coding and thus your gaming experience on any amd rig is utterly destroyed. thanks ubisoft i aint ever gonna buy your products again. 50 Quid for a product that has not been configured to run on amd rigs. Utterly disgusting SHAME ON YOU UBISOFT


You say performance ratio has always been better... Yet you hear more people with AMD that has problems than Intel/Nvidia users, why is that if AMD is better?

He didn't say better he said

He didn't say better he said better price/performance ratio, which is true most of the time. An AMD cpu is never going to challenge an Intel one but you can just about keep up and spend £100 less and AMDs gpus, when they work, compete with Nvidias on an equal or better footing again for less money (R9 290x costs half as much as a Geforce Titan but can still match it in most benchmarks) it's just that AMD struggle to provide good drivers and Nvidia interfere with developers to ensure AMD gpus routinely underperform or outright lack key features (and not just Physx but simple stuff like functioning AA, soft shadows and so-on) However the last time AMD introduced something new (before mantle) the feature was also available and working for Nvidia users (TressFX). Besides all that, even a half assed search on plenty of game forums will find you an almost equal number of Nvidia users with problems as it will AMD users with problems the only difference being the AMD users are more likely to be stuck with a "Way it's meant to be played" title due to the aforementioned interfering than an Nvidia user with a "Gaming evolved" title.

I've tried this game for a

I've tried this game for a little bit but I've been playing Wolfenstein and Tropico 5 so havn't gotten too much into Watch Dogs yet. But what I've played so far I've liked. I'm playing the game on ultra and have had some slight slowdowns when there is explosions going off on the screen but nothing too bad and the graphics look really good. With GTA i always try to get a car as quickly as possible but with this game just like this review said, all the hacking you can do makes walking around enjoyable as well. After I'm done with Tropico I really look forward to getting into this game next. Unless of cource a PC version of Sniper Elite V3 comes out by that time then Watch Dogs will have to wait a little bit longer.


I tried playing nosTEAM copy but my computer gets low memory and exits the game. I have 8Gb so I don't know wtf is wrong.

Amazing to me is the

Amazing to me is the perception that people are given hundreds or thousands of dollars to do a review. Wake the **** up you whiney little *******, nobody pays for good reviews anymore besides Microsoft and even if they did who would give a flying ****? Every review I have read said the same exact thing, good but it has flaws. Rate this a solid 3.5 stars and shut the **** up.

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