Watch Dogs trailer shows off Nvidia tech

As if to combat all the nasty things you guys have said about it, Watch Dogs has yet another trailer, this time showing off some of Nvidia's advanced technology that the game makes use of to make its pretty and apparently sunset-filled world.

Some of the technology on show includes a new cinematic anti-aliasing which should help removing flicking and tears around railings, foliage and other thin but obstructive objects. Also on display is the new horizon based ambient occlusion, which adds more realistic shadows to everything and allows for the lovely way the sunlight bleeds through gaps in railings and the above ground train tracks.

This is of course just one of many trailers we've seen for Watch Dogs, with many still thinking we've yet to see one as good looking as its original 2012 reveal trailer. It's certainly a pretty game, but what do you guys think of these newly highlighted and PC only effects? Does it put it over the top for you?

Watch Dogs is set for release on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on May 27th. A Wii U version is planned for some date in the future but it's not known as of yet when that will be.

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Yeah those rays of light are standard procedure now. So's HBAO. The game looks like a mutation of GTA. It doesn't look better & some Nvidia specific features that no one will ever notice doesn't change that.

I was super hyped about

I was super hyped about Watchdogs BEFORE the delay. Since then they've managed to mutilate Watchdogs with multiple videos displaying greatly inferior graphics. They are also creating as much confusion as possible on the topic of EXACTLY what the new console versions of the game look like. A 'few' videos of WD look beautiful, totally next gen. Sometimes those videos are 'PC' and other times they're next gen. When I go to buy a product I want consistency, right now I feel like if I pay $65 for Watchdogs I could get a product that varies from cutting edge beautiful to out dated crapola. I simply can't determine much other than if I don't get the PC copy and if I don't have a PC with an 8core CPU then I'm pretty much wasting my time and money if the game they previewed during 2013 is what I want, because from my understanding the Watchdogs that most people fell in love with is in reality just the PC version.

I agree but

I agree the games aren't all about graphics but it is very helpful for immersion. We need to push the envelope all the time otherwise we would still be living in caves. And from what I remember deus ex had pretty hard core graphics when it came out.

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