Wii U Disappoints Investors And Drops Nintendo Stock To 5 Years Low

Nintendo's stock price has hit its lowest point in more than five years following the Wii U announcement.

Investors had high expectations before the official announcement but it seems that those expectations were not met by the Wii U, prompting several analysts to declare their skepticism about the potential success of the upcoming console.

This has resulted in a surge in the number of daily transaction on the company's stock which tripled from 720,000 on average to 2.2 million buying and selling transaction on the announcement day, ending with a 5.7% share price drop to ¥16,930 ($212).

"There were high expectations from the new version of the Wii and this fell far short," Yusuke Tsunoda, an analyst at Tokai Tokyo Securities Co. told Bloomberg. "People had expected to see something more at a big event like the E3, but there wasn't really anything more than what's already reported."

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Cheap hyped hardware, older console ports for big bucks, lots of ads and overpriced games with fancy controllers are nintendo's philosophy. And the HD, lol, microsoft and sony already have that, only on nintendo's universe that's news. It's like Icloud on apple, ubuntu already has that for a long time, or comparing apple store to ubuntu's software centre.. O_O omg..

Hardwhere dosent matter

they coud bring a ground breaking console with stunnig graphics and it still woudnt matter not until they start makeing games for every1 and stop depending on there long series of games like mario, zelda and others they gotta start make new series and new games and games for every1 not just the nintendo fan boys otherwise they wont sell shitt. thats just the facts and the sales records back me up on that

and just so u know

and just so u know ive watched the entire E3 so iknow what im talking about. they just keep failing cuz if they wont get there head out of there asses and try to appeal to every1 then this coud be the fall of nitendo

For those of you who wonder

For those of you who wonder why nintendo is releasing this a little research on nintendo's business tactics will help alleviate your questions.

1. why is this considered next gen when its current gen in power.

A: Because nintendo always works a few years behind cutting edge technology to maintain price to performance ratio. They make a profit on their consoles and their software. Unlike microsoft and sony who forsake their console profit until their software profit can make up for the console expenses.

2. Why is this a console its only a controller?

A: they never showed the console at E3 they only showed it off the nintendo presentation on the show floor and they only showed prototype pictures of it because ITS NOT FINISHED. What they showed was the controller it's going to use. THE CONTROLLER IS NOT THE CONSOLE.

this is the wii 2

sorry dudes this is a new console all together. i was disappointed at first but actually it looks very good. will just have to see when its released. it is HD and has a good system spec so fingers crossed.

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