Wizards Invulnerable in Diablo III

Invulnerable Wizards

A new exploit has been found in Diablo III, allowing anyone using the Wizard class, regardless of difficulty, to become invulnerable with a simple technique.

To enter the unofficial God Mode, players need to have the timing down as it does need to be quite precise. However, apparently once it's been practiced a couple of times its very easy. Considering this could potentially allow anyone to blitz through the game, gathering up all the best loot that could then be sold on the Real Money Auction House, it's understandable how a bug like this could be incredibly problematic.

As if Blizzard hasn't had enough headaches with this game already.

If you want to try out the game breaking bug for yourself, all you need is create or load up a Wizard character and complete the following steps:

Step 1: Select Teleport - Fracture. Bind it to a key
Step 2: Select Archon, tested with Improved Archon
Step 3: Hover your mouse over or near your character
Step 4: Press Teleport
Step 5: QUICKLY(!) Press Archon

The initial forum post detailing these steps has been edited, but instructions have appeared everywhere now so there is little point in attempting to hide them. Blizzard simply needs to jump on this quickly.

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Blizzard sliding down hill

I have been an avid Blizzard fan since the release of Diablo II. I have collectively spent more hours playing blizzard games, than any other activity in my life. (warcraft3, starcraft, WoW, etc.) We are talking 300-600 days in playing time spent on Blizzard games.

They have completely abandoned their loyal fanbase, and decided to make "dumbed" down games for the public. Diablo 3, probably the game I looked forward to the most out of any game ever, was the biggest disappointment I have ever experianced gaming wise. The game was unplayably boring after the first run through. I put the game down after 2 days.

Blizzard, you shame me.

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