WoW Loses Another Million Subs. Diablo III Boosts to 10 Million

World of Warcraft has dipped to its lowest number of subscribers in the past few years, leaving Azeroth with just 9.1 million players. This represents a drop of another million in the past quarter alone, though Blizzard isn't too worried.

Why? Because its recently released Diablo III has now seen its 10 millionth registered player. Sure those players aren't bringing in a subscriber fee each month, but that does mean 10 million people spent $50 or so on a new copy and if you do the math, that really adds up to a lot of money.

Head honcho at Blizzard, Mike Morhaime has been speaking about the shifting player numbers, saying he believes that some of those that recently left the World of Warcraft, were probably playing Diablo III now anyway and that ultimately, when the next expansion for the MMO - Mists of Pandaria - is released in September, that they'll come back.

Despite the hype behind Diablo III before launch, its impressive that the player numbers have continued to grow so much, considering the problems that have plagued it since it hit the shelves. Whether it was the always on DRM, invincible players or bugs in the Real Money Auction House, Blizzard has had to deal with all of it, but still sees a strong future for the game.

"We've already made a number fixes and updates including the activation of the Auction House, which provides a convenient way for players to trade items with each other," said Morhaime in an investor call. "The Diablo team has also been working on improvements to end-game rewards and having a player-versus-player mode, which we hope will enhance the value and longevity of the game."

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Blizzard has been sliding

Blizzard has been sliding downhill since the release of warcraft3 (ill make an exception for starcraft2) but they are money hungry whores, and that is the nicest thing I can say as a life long Blizzard fanboy. They took the fun out of the games they made.

To be honest

To be honest, if a Diablo 3 monthly sub meant there was no auction house I would be all for it. I would rather a good game i had to pay monthly for than the biggest disappointment of all time.

Even VG Zombie Sheep move on

Even VG Zombie Sheep move on in time. But at least if they move on to GW2 they will have one less corporate hand in their pocket each month. I almost jumped on the WOW wagon until i realized they wanted $14 each month and $50 up front. It's a good thing i play a wide variety of games, i was able to enjoy that wider variety and keep them out of my pocket at the same time.


They just lost all of those subs because Guild Wars 2 is out in under a month. Most people who where in the beta to guild wars 2 are from WOW

Come back, i don't think, D3

Come back, i don't think, D3 is a failure and player want to boycott blizz, i don't know if they will really never buy a Activiision/Bliz product again but i'm sure they will wait and think now before spending something made by Blizzard. Fan base melting, now need to see how the 1.0.4 will save D3, and how MOP will sell. If they want to send a message it's a good time !!

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