Xbox 720 Will Take Over The TV And Interact With Cable Boxes

Info uncovered by The Verge about a new Xbox 720 (Durango) feature might explain why Microsoft’s upcoming console would require constant internet connection.

According to The Verge, the next Xbox will be able to take over a TV and set-top box in a similar way to Google TV. This is achieved by connecting the cable box to the Xbox using HDMI cable, allowing Microsoft’s console to overlay its UI and features on top of the TV channel or set-top box video.

Needless to say, Kinect 2.0 will play a vital role in this mode. In addition to using gestures to control the TV, Kinect 2.0 will also be used to allow “smarter behavior” such as pausing the video when it detects that your eyes are no longer looking at the screen.

The Verge also revealed that Microsoft has entered partnerships with content providers in order to ensure it is able to deliver a better experience than its competitors, namely Google. It is understood that the console will require internet connection for video streaming and for the additional features offered in cooperation with content providers.

As expected, Microsoft refused to confirm or deny this info.

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I Hope MS Only Sells 10 xXxBox Units & 8 gets

I Hope MS Only Sells 10 xXxBox Units & 8 gets Returned for Refund... .. The only two being kept by fat, lazy, spoiled, whiny ***, bratty Kids with Stupid Rich Parents who have to by a new TV and Cable Box every 3 months because the xXxBox Burns the **** Up! Then MS Goes Broke & Asks for a Corporate Bailout which is denied and then comes Groveling Back to the People, Begging for Forgiveness! Also Denied! Oh Yea, and Everyone Switches to Some Linux Ubantu OS or something else on their PC's Too... (((Grins)))

In university in 2001 I had

In university in 2001 I had this capability on a single core AMD 1.2GH processor with a £17.50 pci card. I remember getting all possible channels for free for 3.5 years. The only reason I never bothered updating my cable card, was bcause TV is ****. I spend my time learning TypeScript, WebGL, F#. This is why a PC changes your life, and a console makes you a fat worthless ****.

You got it broski brah.

Why the **** would I want some dumb bargain box on my TV when I can (& already do) have a PC hooked up to it. Word up on the realio ron. Say'n? I've had PC on TV long time. I love it long time. **** off Micro$hit. Kinect would be cool, oh wait, can use that on PC too, & it works better. I really want my movie to pause when I look away 'cuz I am after all the only one that ever watches the ******* TV. Well except in rare cases when I have a lady over to lick her ******* after she poops & then we might watch a movie afterwards, but when we watch movies, we always stare at the TV at the same time & look away at the same time so it's all good. :/

yet again more rumours.

yet again more rumours. well Microsoft acknowledged that not everyone has an internet connection. so for the "always on" thing wont be on the new xbox, and oh yeah in the uk there are thousands of towns and a lot of cities that do not have cable due to where they are. the other issue is that if you look at Australia people living in the middle of no where cant have an internet connection. so the rumours about "always on" are fake, Sony is in the 50/50 area and they do not acknowledge places with no internet connection because in there own words "if we acknowledged this then it would impact our sales".

Kinect 2.o, pass!

I honestly never cared for Kinect. It was just one of those stupid gimmicks. Like PhysX in PC games. The only major innovation 360 had was the whole smart glass app for tablets. If they can improve on that on the 720 than I might find it more interesting in time to come. So far I am looking forward to May 21st reveal on the next xbox. If it flops, than I will just go back to my PC roots, and finally upgrade that ancient Pentium D processor LOL!

It has actually been going on

It has actually been going on for a while now, and will get even better. It's pretty ignorant to think one of a kind technology wouldn't be used to better life. My father worked for Raytheon, a wing of Raytheon in nuclear age and testing created what is now known as the Microwave. Nasa created the cat scan and mri among hundreds and thousands of other things used worldwide for better of mankind. Like it or not, Kinect, even if you don't care for it in gaming, can be a pretty powerful tool outside of it in the right hands. Google Kinect military, kinect medicine... I'm sure you'll find something.

I agree Mich you couldn't be

I agree Mich you couldn't be more correct. Kinect technology has really shot holographic technology in the right direction, I remember a tech video from MS showing the side possibilities of the tech besides gaming. That's cool about your dad working for raytheon. on microwave tech. My dad works for Northrop Gruman doing some form of antenna tech which makes a lot of things in our daily lives much better.

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